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Book a Consultation

Complete a booking form.


  • In-person or via Skype
  • Lock in a date and time for your photo session at your consultation.
  • Let's get to know each other.  It's important you feel comfortable with me.
  • Look at photos for ideas to inspire your own photo session.
  • Pick a location.
  • Get tips on clothes, hair, make-up, colours, props and details (for styled shoots).
  • Get helpful hints on how to have fun and relax during your session.
  • Look at sample products, for ideas on how to record your special moments.
  • Pay your deposit to lock in your chosen date.

Custom PortraitPhotography
Custom Family Photography

Get ready for your Photo Session or Event

Beautiful images don't just happen. It's all in the planning.

  • Organise your clothing and start getting into the spirit of your session.
  • Send me a snapshot of what you'll be wearing, if your shoot is styled.
  • Book your hair and make-up or I can take care of that for you.
  • Get everyone on board, and remember to approach it like a special day out.
  • Talk about the shoot, get the kids involved and enthusiastic by discussing what they would like to do on the day.
  • Get everything ready the day before, have and good night's sleep and remember not to plan anything on the day of your shoot! 
  • Pay the balance of your session before the day.

Photo Session

Enjoy your Session or Event

Time to take your photos!

  • Avoid planning or rushing around. Keep your day stress-free.
  • Treat this like a special outing and get into the spirit of the moment.
  • Ladies: indulge a little...get your hair and make-up done, so you look and feel fabulous!
  • For the brides...let your friends help you so you can sit back and relax.
  • Bring repellent for those pesky mozzies.  
  • Remember water, snacks, and children's and pet's favourite toys.
  • Relax, go with the flow and HAVE FUN!!
  • For documentary sessions or life events, come as you are and HAVE FUN!

Gold Coast Custom Family Photography
Gold Coast Custom Family Photography

View your Images

Look at the images from your session

  • View your edited images in the comfort of home, crafted to perfection.
  • Because each image is individually and artistically enhanced, viewing of images can range between 2-3 weeks from your session for portraits, and 8-12 weeks for weddings and documentary sessions (day-in-the-life). 
  • See, feel and touch sample custom prints and artwork for ideas on how to best display and remember your images.
  • Select your favourite images.
  • Order you products to display your artwork. Choose from our A-La-Carte Menu or our Collections packages.
  • Order and pay for your custom prints and artwork.
  • I may post a sneaky pic on social media for family and friends to enjoy!

Brisbane Custom Family Photography

Your custom Artwork is delivered

The moment you've been waiting for...the delivery!

  • My favourite part...unwrapping your goodies and placing your artwork in pride of place!
  • Delivery of your prints and artwork will vary depending on the type of session, i.e. portrait, wedding or documentary.
  • Custom framed prints, canvasses and collections may take between 2-4 weeks from viewing and ordering session.
  • Boutique fine art and coffee table photo books may take from 4-6 weeks from the date you select your images.
  • Please post a review on my facebook page and tell everyone how much you love your photos and the whole experience!

End Note...

The process from initial concept to the delivery of your beautiful heirloom prints and artwork, can take on average between 2-3 months for portraits and longer for documentary sessions and weddings, depending on the complexity of the session or time of year of the event.  Therefore if you are looking for a quick photo shoot with little thought as to how you want your special moments to be remembered, I may not be the photographer for you.

Excellence and quality can not be rushed.  I promise my absolute best, if you work with me and trust in the process.  My best requires time...time and consideration and a thoughtful, considered and methodical approach to everything I do, always keeping in mind that you are at the heart of my endeavours.

Your images are not just photographs to me. They represent and embody who you are, and they are your legacy.  So please allow yourself the time to go with the process, and to enjoy it.  Along the way I hope that by investing your time in the process, you will come to understand and appreciate how much you are valued.  Your tangible treasured photos and artwork honour that value.

Kerry Warnholtz xox

Contact me to arrange your session today or ring me on 0488 723 673 for a chat.