The hardest part of having family photos professionally shot, is not so much the images themselves and what types of photos that family's like.   Sometimes you will have specific ideas on what you would like, but mostly it's a collaboration between us, because it's important that I inevitably shoot what you want in regard to scenes and set-ups with key suggestions and advice from myself on what will work best.

So we shoot your family photos and the session is over.  We come together in a Proofing Session so that you get to view the complete array of edited photos that I present.  So...what now?

This is the hard part - how to decide the best way to display your beautifully captured moments in a way that is firstly highly visible and compliments your home and tastes. And secondly, in a way that highlights your family’s most meaningful moments and expressions to make you smile fondly in days and years to come.

So what are the best ways to do just that?  Let me give you a hint....KEEP IT SIMPLE!

There are basically two ways you can display your family photos:

  1. As an Individual Print or Canvas, or
  2. As a Collage of Prints or Canvasses.


An Individual print or canvas is usually a photo of your family as a whole and traditional family group photos are recommended for  these.  These are also usually the ones that your parents and family members want to have hanging on their wall. However, candid family shots, like the one below are also great too because they capture the best natural expressions and are a reflection of your family at their happiest and most relaxed. When everyone is smiling and happy, whenever you look at that photo up on your wall, you can't help but smile and feel joy at what it is to be a family.

Individual prints can also be arranged in a way that resembles a collage.   Each print is framed and then arranged side-by-side, vertically or horizontally.   I like to call the arrangement. a 'SERIES'.  There is usually something tying them together, and an arrangement of three (3) individual prints is a common way to display a series, though you can have as little or two (2) or more than three.  They can also be arranged within a Collage Frame.  

Brisbane Family Photography
Collage Series of Framed 3 x 11" x 14" prints

Collage Series of Framed 3 x 11" x 14" prints


Family Photo Collages are a great way of showing along with a group family photo, other photos of individuals and couples within a family unit.  Collages often display unique personalities, as well family cohesiveness.  It becomes even more significant when you have small children. Because it allows us to easily reflect upon special times throughout our children's lives and as a family unit which are particularly significant for us.

Canvas Grouping - 24" x 30", 10" x 15" & 12" x 15" canvasses

Canvas Grouping - 24" x 30", 10" x 15" & 12" x 15" canvasses


So as you can see, there are a number of ways to arrange your photos as prints.  Your only limit is your imagination!

So if you're a client, remember to ask me about how I can help design and arrange your family photos in a way that suits your home, decor and individual tastes, as well as your budget. You'd be surprised at the many ways you can display your treasured memories throughout your home.

Kerry XX

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Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

Have you ever looked at what's included in a wedding photographer's packages and what photos they offer,  and wondered about the difference between a LOW RESOLUTION IMAGE and a HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGE, and how many IMAGES ARE actually enough?


Well I often thought about that when reading forums that brides visit, and reading discussions over how many photos was 'normal' to expect from a photographer.  Sometimes the discussions became quite heated and in the end it would only leave the bride more confused and none-the-wiser.  It wasn't until I started photographing weddings that I then understood a bride's dilemma and quickly worked out that it's not as complicated as what bride's think.

Firstly, let's get into the digital age and say that for the most part, you're getting mainly IMAGES not photos.  They don't really become PHOTOGRAPHS until they're printed and are tangible, so you can touch and feel them. 

So here is a quick rundown...

LOW RESOLUTION IMAGES are digital photos which are formatted specially so that you can see them on your computer screen or mobile phone, and are used for websites and social media.  It's all part of the digital revolution.  Try printing a low resolution image and you'll be very disappointed because your photo may turn out all pixelated and looking very strange indeed.

HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES are digital photos which are formatted specially so that they can be printed, whether that be in the form of photographic prints, canvasses, brochures, magazines or any print media.  So they are very large in regard to the size, and  take up a lot of hard drive on your computer.

So here's a question for you?  Of all the images taken on your wedding day, how many of those images are you going to actually turn into PRINTS, whether framed or unframed, WALL ART (incl. CANVASSES, BLOCK PRINTS, ETC), or  a WEDDING PHOTO ALBUM OR PHOTO BOOK?

Because I'll let you in on a little secret...YOU ONLY NEED ENOUGH HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES FOR WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO TURN INTO A PRINT, WALL ART OR PHOTO BOOK!  In the big scheme of things, the most high resolution images you will need would be if you were going to want a Wedding Photo Album or Photo Book, and that would depend on the size of your wedding and whether you are having full day coverage or part-day.  

For most part, ask yourself two questions...

1.  HOW MANY IMAGES ARE GOING TO END UP ON MY WALL OR FAMILY FRIENDS WILL WANT ON THEIR WALLS?, and that's how many high resolution images you really need.

2.  AM I PURCHASING A WEDDING PHOTO ALBUM OR BOOK?  If the answer is yes, then depending on the size of your wedding and the coverage, then you'll probably want more high resolution images.  But just to give you an idea, most large wedding albums will use between 80 - 100 or more photos for a full day coverage.  Needless to say,  it's best to focus on quality, rather than quantity and choosing the best photos that tell the story of your special day, and also the design and layout of your album or book.

So in the end, it's not about how many photos you get.  Really, when it comes down to it, and what I focus on is getting the best quality photos,  that tell your unique story of your wedding day which you love and treasure and you will look back on for the rest of your married life , with beautiful, fond, memories.  

And what better way to remember your wedding day for years to come, than  to have a visual reminder that you can visit often.  How about hanging them on the walls of your home so that every day as you walk past, those wonderful feelings rush back to you?  Or being able to share them with family and friends in a wedding photo book or album on special occasions.   Or if and when you choose to start a family, that you can then share your day with your children, and then look back at them time and again as your life and your love grows?

Kerry xx




"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see, and everything to do with the way you see them."

- Elliott Erwitt



Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than You.
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