Create your own visual family diary and
watch your own beautiful story unfold.

Paula's AHA moment and she explains WHY NOW IS SO IMPORTANT for families.

Documentary photography is about sharing moments as they are lived…naturally, spontaneously, relaxed and without posing or staging.  It’s about focusing on the small things which upon reflection become the big things and the most profound.

Shots are candid and natural, centred around family time at home or an outdoor location, as well as special occasions and life events, such as birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, births, reunions, etc.

We provide two types of Documentary & Life Event Sessions:

  1. Family, Engagement Session, or Life Event
  2.  'Day-in-the-Life'  

See Sessions for details.

All sessions include travel within the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.  I am also happy to travel at additional cost.

For meaningful visual reminders, I offer custom Prints and Products to adorn your home, share with friends and loved ones and to create a lasting legacy. 

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Contact me to arrange your session today or ring me on 0488 723 673 for a chat. 

Watch this video to see all the 'little but meaninful moments' of a 2 hr family session