What I Love About Autumn...Brisbane Family Photography/Gold Coast Family Photography

"Autumn is the season to find contentment at home by paying attention to what we already have."

- Source: theinspiredroom.net


Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.  These are some reasons why I love Autumn...

  • Mornings sleeping in and snuggling under the doona.
  • Relaxing with a hot cuppa on the recliner with a warm throw and Duffus Dawg by my side.  
  • Sitting outside, feeling warm rays of sunshine on my face.
  • Leisurely drives up the mountain enjoying the cool, crisp mountain air, blue skies, and hot breakfasts with coffee, pancakes and all day breakfasts.
  • Lots of faraway gazes looking out and contemplating the simple things in life.
  • Lazy mornings in PJ's and eating hot, creamy porridge.
  • The colours of Autumn...oranges and golden glows of sunlight.
  • Soft rain falling outside,  giving more meaning to snuggling and contemplation (like it is right now).
  • Listening to rustle of the leaves blowing in the wind outside, and feeling warm and safe inside.
  • Warm hands on cold faces and cold hands on warm faces and giggles.
  • Soft whispers and banter about our simple, silly, everyday goings on.

When Anthony is away, my favourite part is at the end of the day, when the three of us (including Duffus Dawg),  jump into our big bed and snuggle to get warm.  I read Miss Phil a bedtime story and we often laugh at the silly things that Duffus does at this time of day, as he pokes his head out from under the doona or he circles round and round trying to find a comfortable position, which is usually on top of Philomena or in-between us.

In fact, my favourite thing about Autumn is slowing down and just pottering around at home, enjoying the little things and being grateful for such blessings of love and contentment.

What do you love about Autumn?

Kerry xx

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School Holidays & Going Back in Time.../Brisbane Family Photography/Documentary Family Photography Brisbane

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


These school holidays have been a little different.  We have different neighbours this year and it's been great!  They have girls around Miss Phil's age and boys too.  Like all kids, they get a little boisterous but all-in-all they really know how to have fun.  Many days are spent playing outside, riding scooters and skateboards.  It used to be bikes in my day.  

What I love about these kids as that they are in the game of having fun and are genuinely good kids.  There's no nasty intent.  Now that doesn't been they don't bicker...kids will still have disagreements.  But there is no malice. They are happy to forgive and forget and get on with the task at hand...playing!

So this year for the first time during the holidays I've been photographing the kids playing in the backyard and the cul-de-sac where our homes converge.  It really has been like stepping back in time.  Kids being kids.  Not afraid of getting dirty and letting their imaginations run wild.  And not a mobile phone, iPad or Gameboy in sight (mostly)! ***Do kids still play with Gameboys??***

We can really learn a lot about life from children and how to approach it.   To approach life with the same level of imagination, belief and curiosity.  Where every day is a new beginning and an opportunity to suck every ounce out of every moment.  To engage fully in the moment and to have the enthusiasm and energy to have a go at something because, well...it's fun!

Enjoy the school holiday pics!

Kerry xx

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Weekend Whisperings...Time to Slow Down.../Vintage Styled Photography

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth, find resources of strength that will endure as long as life lasts."- Rachel Carson

This weekend sees me back down in what has become one of my favourite places...Murwillumbah, NSW.  It's such a beautiful place, and not just for it's scenery...mountains, rivers, cane fields, beautiful sunsets, and the background of Mt Warning.  

But also the people are just so friendly and laid back.  There's quite a relaxed, country feel about this place. The town of Murwillumbah feels like you're coming home to a place that you can put your feet up  and be yourself.  Take your time, take everything in.  Of course, nestled between the Tweed River, mountains and cane fields gives this town such a warm, inviting feel that is enlivening yet restful at the same time.  I fall in love with the town everytime I visit.

How fortunate that friends Karen and Stew happen to live there.  I've been making the most of being able to stay with them and I'm grateful that I have a place that I can call in and take time out. Which is exactly what I'll be doing this weekend.



My weary soul needs time away from the hustle and bustle without time pressures or the constant domestic calling as a wife and mother.  It's an important time for me to rest...to think and contemplate and put my thoughts down in my journal.  It's also about setting down some plans for 2015. And making time to catch-up on some reading and stuff that I'm always too busy to do.  

As a creative, I really value this time and it's necessary for my ongoing growth and my ability to create beautiful images for my clients.  These times provide a source of inspiration through moments of silence and contemplation.

I know it's crazy at this time of the year, so I hope that you too get the opportunity for some alone-time to stop...to appreciate...to be grateful and to allow time for yourself and time to reflect and honour your place in this beautiful, crazy world of ours.

Have a lovely weekend!

Kerry xx


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THE LITTLE THINGS...Brisbane Family Photography/Documentary Family Photography

Yay! It's Friday! What have you got lined up for your weekend? Hopefully you have at least one thing that makes your heart sing.

Tonight I stay over to do my 'DAY-IN-THE-LIFE' DOCUMENTARY FAMILY PHOTO session with the lovely Kloots Family and start documenting what they get up to in an entire day from early tomorrow morning til they go to bed. I'm so excited!

From this weekend it will give me the photos and material to launch my DOCUMENTARY PORTRAIT PACKAGES in 2015, and I can't wait to share them with you.

So today I don't have a photo of the Kloots Family, but wait until next week for a few sneak peaks.

Meanwhile, I hope you make and take the time to appreciate the little things this weekend.

Kerry xx



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Finding Happiness....Creative Lifestyle Photography/Brisbane Family Photography

Remember...HAPPINESS is a way of travel. Not a destination.

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