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"Every story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite"

- Author Unknown

So here are some of Karen and Stew's photos (my selection) from their wedding held late June in Murwillumbah, NSW.   It was a beautiful wedding and I had a ball shooting it!  The fact that I can call Karen and Stewart friends, and having got to know a few of their family and friends, definitely made it all the more enjoyable and not so much 'work'.  They are all such a great bunch of people...friendly and so much fun!  And even though things didn't go quite according to plan, Karen kept a wonderful smile on her face and just went with the flow of things and was happy and calm all day! As for Stew, well he seemed pretty calm and cool the entire time too. 

These photos are a combination of my own, as well as two other photographers, Andrew Swansson and Simon Thorley.  This gallery is firstly to allow easy viewing of Karen and Stew's favourites all in one place and also to give due recognition to each individual photographer. There are also different albums within the gallery so you can go directly to whichever part of the wedding day you'd like and make it easier to view.  Photos in my albums show both colour and black-and-white images.

If you wish to order any photos, please go to the gallery to order.  And please share any of your favourite photos with family and friends!  

Click here:  Karen & Stew's Wedding Gallery

Below are a small selection of my images (click on them to view full images).  Enjoy the gallery!

Kerry XX

* P.S. If you are ordering prints, Karen and Stew's gallery expires Monday 15th September, 2014, so be sure to get your order in before then.


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