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Brisbane Individual Portrait_Superman

"Give yourself permission to live a big life.  Step into who you are meant to be.  Stop playing small.

You're meant for greater things."

- Author Uknown

Meet Dylan Swansson, aka Clark Kent, aka Superman.  Pretty hot huh?  

Well I'll bet that when he sees his photo for the first time, he won't recognise himself.  It will blow him away, as it blew me away when I had a look at the images I shot from his themed portrait shoot.  I mean, I had a pretty good hunch they'd turn out great.  But I didn't anticipate how much.  

I love it when everything comes together, and  when the vision in my head matches the final images!

So why am I so excited?

Well I've known Dylan now since, well...when he was a toddler.  Later, I reconnected with his parents and started to get to know Dylan as a young teenage boy who was, well, on the err...well proportioned side (and very tall).  I've had the pleasure of photographing him as a family friend in the last couple of years and over those years I've got to know Dylan better.  And as any of his family and friends can vouch - he is one of the most amazing, grounded, generous and beautiful young souls one can meet.  He's also an extremely talented and budding young musician.

So when Dylan approached me to do a professional shoot - both individual themed and a couple shoot with his beautiful partner Rhianne,  I was honoured.  I was also intrigued as to the reason he requested to have the 'Superman' themed portrait and asked him why.  And this is what he said...

"that it was about who he was on the inside, and that we should never judge a book by its' cover." 

A photo I took of Dylan two years ago at his 16th birthday party, when I was just starting out and learning photography.

A photo I took of Dylan two years ago at his 16th birthday party, when I was just starting out and learning photography.

But you know, what's amazing is how Dylan set out to transform himself.  The last two years I've seen the determination, passion and dedication he has applied to his physical change.  And today...on the weekend just gone, two years after I took the above photo,  I really saw that transformation for what it truly is.

I think what Dylan may not realise, is that the person he says is on the inside - the person he thinks others don't see - the 'persona of Superman' -  has in fact filtered through to the outside, so that others may now see him as he always saw himself. He's projected and created that persona through hard work, belief and dedication.

And I'm so thrilled to have captured the physical results of Dylan's transformation and see what is on the inside reflected outward.  I hope he is thrilled too.

Kerry xx

* P.S.  Dylan will see all of his Superman images in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for some more photos. Today was just a teaser. ;)



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