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Will Your Photos Look Better If You Wear Make-up ?...Brisbane Family Photographer/Gold Coast Family Photographer

Des, Brie & Jacqui, complete with hair and make-up by Ella from Ella Louise Hair & Beauty.  This photo was before any post editing, artistic enhancements or any skin blemishes were removed.  This was also toward the end of a 2.5hr photo session, so their make-up has held up very well indeed!

Look at the above photo of Des, Brie and Jacqui.   

Now look at their 'Before' photos below. 

Before photos

What do you think?  Do you think make-up made a difference and their family photos were better for it?  

My answer will always be YES as a photographer.  And I am a little biased.  Why?  Because it makes my work easier.  When your skin and your hair look beautiful and you look your best, you take better photos!  It is that simple!  

Also, I don't have to spend so much time going in to remove unsightly blemishes or uneven or reddish skin tones.  Regardless of how 'natural' people want to have their photos, the reality is, unless you're a child who has near perfect skin, you're going to have quite a variance in your skin tones and as we age, our skin can and often bears witness to all the things we've weathered in life.

Case in hand -  can you see how red Des' skin tones are in his before photo?  If Des didn't have some basic foundation and work done to lessen the red tones in his skin, the contrast and difference in skin colour with that of Jacqui and Brie would have been too much and the final photos wouldn't have looked so nice.  All you would be seeing would be Des' red face and that's all you would be able to focus on, rather than the family as a whole.

The final image of Des, Brie and Jacqui complete with make-up, removal of skin blemishes and artistic enhancements.  There's not that much of a difference between the top image and this one.  I didn't need to do much in the way of major skin fixes,  I basically removed a few of Brie's skin blemishes which many pre-teens start to develop.  Now  don't you think they take a beautiful family photo?

So do you want the best outcome?  Do you want portraits that you are proud to hang up on your wall? And do you want you and your family to be shown in the best light?

I don't know about you, but I would want to look my best, and I'm sure the rest of my family would want to as well.  It's not often that people have professional photos taken.  There's a reason why they do.

People want to be remembered in their best light.  They want to look back at their photos fondly. And they want to remember a time when they were happy...were beautiful...felt beautiful.  They want to smile when they reflect upon their images of their family and more often than not, they want happy memories of how they felt and most importantly, how they looked their very best.

More significantly, when you have your hair and make-up done you feel great and that reflects in your photos!

Kerry XX

*P.S.  Again, a special thanks to Ella from Ella Louise Beauty.  I would recommend her for your make-up before a portrait session and Hairy Bits Salon for your hair styling.

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Last Chance to View Family Beach Photos....Brisbane Family Photography/Brisbane Lifestyle Family Photography

Don't you just love the use of the letters as props?  Discovered in Jacqui & Des' lounge room, we thought it would be a great idea and is something which had personal meaning for the family.  And a little side-note to this image.  It was mentioned that Des and Jacquie bought letters for themselves originally, and when Brie saw that, she protested that she too should have her own letter to make the family complete.  So 'B' for Brie was a bit of an afterthought, hence Brie being a little separate and in the middle on this shot.

If you haven't yet had a chance to view Jacqui and Des' online gallery of their recent Family Beach photos, this is your last chance!  Click on the link below to view and order images, before the gallery expires this Sunday 15th June.

Family Beach Photos - Jacquie & Des

And stay tuned for some 'before' and 'after' photos of this lovely family who had their hair and make-up done before the shoot.  Amazing how much of a difference it makes to your photos.

Not only is it easier for the photographer by saving on post-editing of images, but just by having your hair and make-up done, you'll feel so much more glamorous and it's amazing when you feel better, your photos turn out better too!

I'll also be posting on how to look great for your photographs too.  So keep an eye out for those tips!

Ciao for now...

Kerry XX


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Photo-Bombed!...Brisbane Family Lifestyle Photography/Truth Seeker Images Family Photography

The problem with shooting family lifestyle photo sessions in popular locations like the Southport Spit, is that you have to compete with other photographers for the best spots, and contending with people walking in and out of your scenes.  But we weren't expecting being photo-bombed by this little Jack Russell terrier!

Anyway...the unexpected always makes for interesting and playful shots!

Kerry XX

* See Jacque & Des' Family  photo online gallery here until 15th June... Jacqui & Des - Family Beach Photos

** Time is running out for our WINTER PORTRAIT PROMOTION where you receive a FREE PRINT VALUED AT $50!  Click on the link for more details.

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Family Beach Photos - Online Gallery...Brisbane Family Lifestyle Portrait Photography/Family Portrait Photography Brisbane

A relaxed, candid photo taken under the jetty.  Everyone was laughing at the antics of Rosie, the dog 

Cuteness needs no Rosie, who kept us all entertained

Ending the session with the ocean and jetty in the background 

I can't believe it's been two weeks since our family beach photo session with Jacqui, Des, and daughter Brie. Oh...and Rosie the dog - the other important family member.  The recent proofing session with Jacqui and Des flew by as we were pushed for time, but they both managed to choose their favourite images, which was difficult, considering they had quite a few to choose from.

I always find it interesting how a clients' favourite photos are quite different to mine.  We all see things differently and I can never figure out why people choose different 'favourite' photos. But the important thing is, they see something they love.  It's usually something unknown to yourself only they can understand - like a look, expression or feeling.  The images that clients choose will often have a meaning that is special or significant to them that you may be totally unaware of.  And that's to be expected.  These things as a photographer you can never know.  That is why I tend to provide a variety of images that may look similar, but will offer varying perspectives.

So here are the Jacqui and Des' selected images.  Just click the link to go their online gallery. I hope you enjoy them.  

Family Beach Photos - Jacqui & Des

Kerry XX

*  Family & Friends - you can order prints via the online gallery. The gallery will expire on 15th June 2014, and your photos will then be processed and mailed out to you within approx. one week from this date.  Please let me know if you experience any problems (I hope not). Thank you.

** Make-up and hair styling by Ella from Ella Louise Beauty and Hairy Bits Salon  

***  Time is running out for our WINTER PORTRAIT PROMOTION where you receive a FREE PRINT VALUED AT $50!  Click on the link for more details.

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Rain Clouds Can Yield Unexpected Results...Gold Coast Outdoor Portrait Photography/Brisbane Outdoor Portrait Photography

Southport Dog Beach during the early afternoon

Rain clouds over a setting sun can yield spectacular colours and stir your emotions

Gold Coast Pumping Jetty at Sunset

As the sun dipped under the horizon, the effect was ephemeral and striking

A lovely stranger who allowed me to photograph her

The last couple of days I've popped down to Southport to check out the light in the early and late afternoon as I have a family photo shoot coming up.  It's amazing the difference that a couple of hours can make to the light and mood, close to sunrise or sunset.

Rain clouds can also dramatically change the scenery and the mood because of the way they change the colour of the sky.  Clouds also work like filters to diffuse and soften the light which works a treat for portrait photography.  So if you've ever wondered why portrait photographers who shoot outdoors prefer the late afternoon, this is why.  The light is more flattering to your features and makes your skin appear softer and smoother which makes for beautiful, unforgettable photos!

The first image was taken at around 2pm in the afternoon when the sun was brighter and harsher.  Great for tourism shots where you want to show beautiful, crisp colours of the sky, ocean and sand.  The remaining images were taken before sunset and as the sun was going down.  Notice how the deep, rich colours change the whole feel?  So much more emotive.

I really enjoyed taking these shots.  Especially yesterday late afternoon.  It's been some time since I've been able to take some landscape/seascape images and I thoroughly soaked up this gorgeous sunset! 

Now I'm really looking forward to this family photo shoot and seeing what beautiful images can be created. That's what I love about shooting outdoors.  You never get the same photo twice, even at the same location. Because when you bring together all the different elements and the changing colours from of a setting sun, whether it's a clear or cloudy sunset, the result will always be different.  

So when you have photos taken outdoors, even though weather can be sometimes unpredictable, rest assured that your photos will never look the same as anyone else's and you're guaranteed individual and truly unique photos.

What are your favourite spaces outdoors and where would you love to have your photos taken...beach, forest, field?  So many options to create unique and stunning results.  Your options are limited only by your imagination.  But if you're stuck for ideas, I can help you with that.  Give me a call or send me an email to start working on creating your own unique and beautiful portraits!

Kerry XX






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