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Some people have this way.  It's as though there is no camera.  They have this intimacy with the it, revealing who they are without any veil.  It's as though I'm not even there.  And so it was with Daniel.

Being my first real studio portrait shoot I went in with an idea of how I wanted to capture Daniel being himself and using low key photography.  It may have been for a uni assignment, but I still approach every assignment/shoot as though I'm a professional.  Every time I pick up a camera, it's an opportunity to hone my craft.  Not only in photography but in every aspect as a photographer who is in business for themselves.

I was fortunate to have a model who was eager and willing and who exhibits feeling and emotion in a spontaneous and engaging way.  He not only connects with his music, but has the ability to draw his audience into that connection.

So I wanted to share some of my favourite images from our shoot.  These are all from the many images Daniel selected for his own use as a musician, so I hope he finds them of benefit.  I hope you enjoy them too.

Kerry XX

* P.S.  I am happy to say that I also got a distinction for my uni assignment - a character portrait.  Thank you Daniel.


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Desperate to Connect...Brisbane Story Portraits/Brisbane Portrait Photography

"Pick apart
The pieces of your heart
And let me peer inside
Let me in
Where only your thoughts have been..."

- lyrics of Hearts a Mess by Gotye

Daniel...musician, student, friend - Griffith University Gold Coast Campus, QCA photographic studio

Today is a quieter day.  A day to contemplate and think about what has transpired during the week and spend a little time editing client images.   Last night saw the end of a long day at uni which finished with a studio session to complete my third and final photo assignment for the semester.

Daniel (pictured above) was my subject.  A talented, quietly unassuming young man with a bright future who exudes calm and is striking in his appearance with a wonderful, genuinely expressive ability.  He sang 'Hearts a Mess' during the shoot, which touched me deeply and plucked at the tendrils of my heartstrings.

When I arrived home and relaxed, I began to turn over the events of the evening and think about my images that I had shot.  I also listened to that song again, but it wasn't the same as listening to Daniel singing with deep-felt emotion, revealing in his face.   I went to bed with those images running through my mind and hijacking my dreams.

Sometimes I wonder about the serendipity of life.  I wonder about how when we meet some people it can leave little effect.  Yet there are other people whom when we meet them, can affect us profoundly.  It's not always immediately apparent and sometimes takes place over time.  I liken its' effect to a gentle ripple in a pond that emanates outward when a pebble is dropped into it.

Then I wonder about life and how busy we've all become. And I notice how much more that people are content trading connecting with consuming.  We are so occupied with doing and having, we leave ourselves little time for being.  We've filled our lives with so much doing, we no longer have time to get in touch with ourselves and others.  And yes, I too am guilty of that.  And I don't mean virtually. I mean in a personal and more intimate way - in real time. 

Yet with all our virtual friends and doing and having more stuff, we are all still desperate to genuinely and deeply connect.

Daniel aka Rupert Topple - musician, Radio Outkast

My aim and want as a photographer is to help people tell their story in a way that helps them discover or rediscover those deeper connections with themselves and with others.  By putting them in touch with those thoughts and feelings which lay at their core, which are often unsaid and left to bubble away under the surface, my hope is to extract those emotions and capture people at their heart.  

As a photographer and artist who is curiously introspective, I want to help people turn inward and to perhaps provide them a little insight.  When we turn inwards, we often find that things...moments, people, events where we have found happiness, can become lost in the living of our everyday lives.  

A little polyanna-ish perhaps?  Maybe, but in spite of the challenges, frustrations and doubts, I passionately believe that each encounter is an opportunity to form a new connection or build on an existing one.  A treasure-hunt of sorts, searching for buried us and others.  And every time I dig, I find more treasure, adding to the richness of the encounter and enriching my own life.

Kerry XX

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