Engagement Shoot in Magical Murwillumbah - Kyle & Christina...Brisbane Engagement Photography/Gold Coast Engagement Photography

Kyle and Christina enjoying a beautiful Murwillumbah sunset with Mt Warning as the backdrop

The last weekend saw me in Murwillumbah to do an engagement photo shoot for Kyle and Christina, who have lived there for three years.  They chose this particular area and I'm so glad they did.  It really is magical, and the great thing is, the location is so close to the heart of Murwillumbah.  And I managed to find this perfect spot (pictured above) and with the permission from the owner of this beautiful paddock I was able to capture some stunning images at sunset for Kyle and Christina.

As a side note, the chair used in the above image is actually one handed down by Kyle's great grandmother.  I spotted it in Kyle's mother's (Karen) lounge room whilst visiting there, and thought it would be perfect for our shoot in the paddock.  You may remember Karen, whose wedding I helped shoot back in June. Karen and I have become great friends through this whole experience and I'm so happy that I get to share in the experiences of her family and children through photography.  This is what I love about being a portrait and wedding photographer - the people I get to know and meet and the places I get to see and enjoy.

I asked Kyle and Christina to approach this session as a special time to relax and bask in each other's company.  Engagement shoots are meant to express a couple's love for each other, but in a more relaxed and organic way before their more formalised wedding day.

And relax they did!  There was a lot of time for them to spend just walking, talking and sharing personal moments alone (apart from me being there). It made a welcome change for a couple who spend much of their time working long hours, and little time to get out and enjoy the beauty that is on their doorstop.

So I'm sure that Kyle and Christina gained a much deeper appreciation of where they live through that afternoon of just walking, talking, hugging, holding hands and of course, snatching some kisses along the way. are the rest of those teasers they've been waiting for!


Kerry xx

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An English Seaside - in Australia?...Brisbane Family Photographer/Gold Coast Family Photographer

The entrance to St Kilda Pier Kiosk

On our last day in Melbourne, we took the tram to St Kilda and the beach.  I was warned that this particular beach is nothing like the beautiful beaches we get here in Qld on the Gold Coast.  But then again, not every beach in Qld has white sand and waves either.  St Kilda beach reminded me of the shores along Sandgate or Wynnum in Brisbane.  And this particular day, the weather was gloomy and threatened to rain often.

It was a very dreary day...cold, sprinkling rain and breezy.  It was looking rather ordinary until we reached the kiosk at the end of St Kilda Pier.  As we reached the end, I took in the sights of the locals walking along the pier, fishing, or just spending time with their families.   When we reached the end and I looked up at the quaint little kiosk, my mood changed and lightened.  It was like being transported to another part of the world.

Outside looking in and through to the sea

The entrance to St Kilda Pier Kiosk...warm inside and inviting

It reminded me of those images I had seen of the English seaside and piers.  The kiosk was such a welcome haven from the cold outside.  It was so inviting and when I walked inside and looked out to the the sea through  those exquisitely shaped windows, and casting beautiful, soft light, gently illuminating the rustic textures and pastel white and lemon timber hues, I felt a great desire to sit at those windows and look out to the sea.

When I first walked in there were two little boys sitting at the bench table that lined the arched window.  I watched them for a little while and listened and became mesmerised by the light and how it softened everything, giving it a dreamy, faraway feel.  Maybe in reality it wasn't like this, but this is how it made me feel.

We took a little walk around outside the pier until the bench seat was free and returned a little later to enjoy scones and coffee.  I chatted to the mums of these little boys and found out they were local.  Talking to the people as you photograph, gives your images more meaning I think, because of the stories of those connected to a particular place.  It also adds a certain amount of authenticity and helps you also connect with that place and its' unique stories.

A young woman walks along the rocks at the end of the pier

A man riding his scooter along the boardwalk towards the marina

Of course, the best thing about photographing when you travel is that there are no time restraints and I love just taking the time to watch people and observe.  It allows you to completely relax and just be a witness to life.  And I like to think about what brings people to places and what might they be thinking about. My curiosity is what makes photography such a wonderful thing, and my camera is my looking glass viewing the world like an Alice-in-Wonderland adventure.

A wintery view from St Kilda Pier looking through to Melbourne city skyscrapers through the masts of marina yachts

So I hope you enjoyed these images.  I hope I was able to convey just a little of the feeling I took away.  I'd like to know what feeling, if any you get from these images.  Have you been to Melbourne or live there?  How does living in Melbourne make you feel?  I'd love to know!

And lastly, these are the some of the same images above, but in black and white. What do think?

Kerry xx

**P.S.  Next week, I'll be sharing some of my street photographs of Melbourne

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Last Winter Leaves of Melbourne.../Brisbane Family Photographer/Gold Coast Family Photographer

Melbourne's last leaves of winter at night

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree."

- Emily Bronte

I've been back from Melbourne one week, and have so many photos as per usual, and little time to process them all immediately.  I've been working on wedding photos and also making sure that I take time to stop and relax, and do what I need to do about getting into some type of routine, lunches, uniforms and oh...getting back into the business of photography again after a much needed sojourn of sorts.

I loved Melbourne CBD!  It's been over 20 years since I was there last and I must say I enjoyed every moment.  The energy was just so amazing and I soaked it all up.  Most days I went wandering and just watched people, stopped and floated along in its' magic.  I loved the sense of artistic endeavour and how the historical is so cleverly intertwined with the modern.  So many opportunities to enjoy good food, art, music and cultural array.  And most of all, I just love stopping and talking to people.  

So tonight I thought I'd share some different images than what I normally shoot.  I had a lot of time just to sit and observe and at night when I and/or my husband ventured out at night, I was continually drawn to the autumn street trees of Melbourne.  At night especially, they took on the most fabulous and eerie appearance.  There was a lot of reflection from coloured street lights and the night I took these photos, the night sky was overcast and took on a most wonderful orange/red hue.

The trees were just so beautiful and I marvelled at the leaves on the bare, spindly branches of the Liquid Amber trees which were all so generously spread throughout the Melbourne CBD and outskirts.

I hope you enjoy these first images from my short break, and I'll be sharing more with you over the coming weeks.  I have many street photographs of the interesting people of Melbourne.

Kerry XX


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My Country Getaway...Rest & Reflection.../Brisbane Vintage Photography/Brisbane Vintage Inspired Photography

"One advantage of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."

- Winnie-the-Pooh

Wendy's garden

Thanks to friends, Wendy and Mick from Bauple (pronounced Bopple) who allowed myself and my daughter, Philomena, to stay with them for some much needed rest and recuperation.   I spent a lot of the time just sleeping, slowing down, spending time with Philomena and seeing some sights around Bauple and Maryborough on the odd day or two. I wanted to do simple, everyday things without having to look at a clock and feel pressured to always be achieving something. One thing I was looking forward to was just to spend some time somewhere quiet without so many distractions.

Our life, is spent with so much noise.  Not just external, but also internal, where after awhile our thoughts become drowned out by too much noise.  The internet is also a trap which if we're not aware, can zap our time and it often draws us away from time that could be better spent elsewhere...with our loved ones or doing things more beneficial. Things that involve creating the peaceful and satisfying lives we truly want.  It's important to be able to step away from the constant distraction and disengagement from our 'real' lives. 

I also wanted to hear the sound of birds singing or chirping and hear the rustle of wind in the trees and just sit...sit, watch and observe.  Not necessarily to photograph, though I did on occasions.  But most of the time I sat and just listened and watched.  On cold mornings I would sit in the sun and Philomena did a little painting or played in the sun, and I did a little craftwork or Wendy and I would chat over cups of tea or coffee and philosophise about life.

Looking down towards the dam and back of Wendy and Mick's property.  There is a creek right at the back of it, though you can't see it in this photo.

The first morning I wandered down the back of the property just after sunrise and soaked up the fresh air and the tranquility.  I enjoyed the wallabies at dusk and the kookaburras who would fly down on the off chance of a receiving a tasty morsel from Wendy's kitchen.

We also went on a couple of drives in the mornings on odd days.  Below are photos of the Mary River, Dickabram Bridge (originally built in 1886, it is one of only two remaining vehicle and rail bridges in Australia), Maryborough and some colourful locals celebrating the upcoming Mary Poppins Festival (which was today).  The photo of the sugar cane fields is around Bauple.

On one of these drives we stopped in to Miva where Wendy attends an art class and we ended up staying to do some drawing and shared a cuppa with the members.  We really enjoyed the morning and got to meet some lovely and very interesting people, as well as meeting 'Porscha' the dog.   Time felt like it stood still because we had nowhere particular to be.  It was relaxing and refreshing to be amongst people who know how to enjoy the small moments in life.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. My getaway was far too short, but long enough to rest this weary soul and provide a little clarity and renewed energy. 

For me as a creative, I need time alone for contemplation and introspection.    I need quiet time to just sit and do nothing and take in things that would normally become drowned out by the busyness of life.   It gives me clarity of thought and mind. 

Clarity allows me to focus...and to see and feel things that when we are filled up to the brim, get pushed back into the recesses of our hearts and minds. It's my source of inspiration and creativity because it allows me to reconnect - with myself, with other people, and with everything around me, but at a different vibration.  It also renews my energy, both mentally and physically, and clears away the stagnation that happens with the constant bombardment of our senses and our bodies.

How about you?  Do you find that life can become a little overwhelming?  Are you allowing the busyness of life to get on top of you?  Then I encourage you to seek solace somewhere and take time out away from the noise.  It doesn't have to cost a lot of money.  And it doesn't have to be for very long.  But it's important we recognise when we need time out and plan to take it,  because it may bring you some clarity and renewed energy to keep pushing forward.

My last photos I will leave you of a little place in Bauple called the Vintage Rose Cottage Tea Rooms.  We stopped in on our way home for devonshire tea and scones.  We thought it was open and let ourselves in the front gate, only to find that it was closed and the owner was away, with the gardener working in the grounds.  He was kind enough to give us a tour and tell us about the dreams of the owner for her cottages and gardens.  We were very grateful and on our next visit will definitely call in for tea and scones.

Kerry XX


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Wedding Rehearsal on the Tweed.../Brisbane Wedding Photographer/Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

The practice kiss

So my first wedding went well in Murwillumbah.  Thanks to Karen and Stew and all their family for allowing us to document their special day.  They are a great bunch of people who made it a pleasure to photograph and made my first wedding full of wonderful memories, both personal and photographic.  Thanks also to Andrew and Simon, fellow photographers.  I think we made a pretty good team. are just a few pics from the rehearsal the day before the wedding.  It was a spectacular afternoon on the Tweed River, and I couldn't resist getting a couple of snaps of the views.  The real photos are yet to come, but I just wanted to share a couple before I head off for a much needed break.

I should return well rested, refreshed and ready to start on Karen and Stew's wedding photos! The road trip, country air and bush will do wonders for my creativity, I am certain.  

Kerry XX 

Reflections on the Tweed River, Murwillumbah NSW

Shot taken on the pontoon,  in the opposite direction toward the mountains of the Border Ranges National Park, Tweed Valley


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