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What Are Your 5 Favourite Things?

What are your favourite things?  Do you have a cause, project or something that you are truly passionate about that truly makes you happy?  Is it baking cookies or cakes by yourself or with your children?  Do you love to sit and watch a thunderstorm rolling in?  Do you lay on the ground in the long grass looking up to the sky with your kids and seeing what animals or shapes that clouds form?

Whatever it is, I'd love to know!  And if you can, take photos of any of your favourite things and post it to our facebook wall and leave a little blurb about them and what they mean to you.  It doesn't have to be a professional photo...take it with your phone, a point-and-shoot or whatever you have.   Here are some great tips for you... 7 Hacks to Photograph Your Day Without Losing Your Mind.

Even better, how about emailing me some of your own photos at info@truth-seeker-images.com  and attach a little blurb about your five (5) favourite things and what they mean to you?!  And then each week I'll post one person's story about their five (5) favourite things and include their photos for others to enjoy!  So please join in and share your favourite things!

So I'll get you started, and you can follow my lead...


Oh my goodness!  Where do I start?  I'll keep it simple.

1.  Sitting, Reflecting and Contemplating Life

I don't know if you've worked it out, but I'm a bit of dreamer.  I am a bit of a polyanna, though this is not outwardly apparent.  I love to dream about the beautiful things in the world and about how to make this world a peaceful and more loving one.  And I believe it starts with us, and in our homes and families. I usually do a lot of  my reflecting  from my favourite private little area of the garden overlooking the forest and creek behind our house.

This is where I sit and drink coffee, read a book or just listen to birds, watch butterflies and contemplate the world.  I always have a vase of flowers or plants cut from the flowering shrubs or trees sitting on my little table.  It's important that I surround myself with little things that are beautiful and give me pleasure.

This is the forest I look out to behind our house


2.  Gardening

Due to uni studies, I haven't been able to do any gardening for nearly two years.  I have missed it so much and am so happy that I've been able to return to it.  It gives me such pleasure to watch things grow and become beautiful.  It's something where you can give of yourself and will always be rewarded with beauty.  And plants aren't unkind.  They don't talk back or give you grief or cause sadness.  I love feeling the ground beneath my bare feet and having my hands in the bare earth.  Gardens...plants...flowers,  only give pleasure and I think are wonderful for soothing a weary soul.  When I am disillusioned at times I draw sustenance from it and it restores my wonderment about life.

One of my projects is to resurrect one garden bed at a time.  In this our first bed, Miss Phil and I have our own petunias that we have planted and are watching them grow and the flowers bloom. We've also planted some garlic chives around the edges and a couple of Rosemary plants.  We're starting another garden bed soon.

Miss Phil's exquisitely colour petunia.  Mine have double flowers.


3.  Bedtime with Miss Phil

I've been guilty over the years of pushing my daughter away at bedtime when I've been 'too busy'.  But not anymore.   I'm realising that soon my little girl won't be so little any more and she will no longer want me to read her stories, sing her lullabies,  cuddle up with her in bed, have nuzzles (a bit like an eskimo kiss where we touch and sweep our noses), sleep in my bed when daddy is away or listen to her talk about her day or her problems or worries.  And when she's fallen asleep I just love to watch her so peaceful and listen to her breathing gently.

So now I'm getting in as much I can.  I'm still singing lullabies (she's 8 years old and 9 yrs old in April next year), reading her bedtime stories and giving her nuzzles.  And we have this cute little thing that we say which we picked up from one of her favourite story books, 'Koalu Lou' by Australian children's author, Mem Fox. Whoever starts says, "I love you".  Then the other will say "I love you more". And the last thing said to each other is "I love you most!".

Miss Phil who has fallen asleep on the couch, and her little mate, Duffus Dawg, who will lay with her until she goes to sleep.


4.  Baking 

I think many of us who are mums would have to agree that baking is something that gives us great satisfaction, knowing how much our efforts will be appreciated.  I just love it when kids gobble up what you go to the trouble of cooking, because let's face it...they don't always like what you cook!  But baking...ahhh...that's a different beast - cookies, muffins, cakes are such sweet delights!

A regular and favourite with everyone...Banana Bread


5.  Photographing What I Love!

Well what do you expect?  I am after all a photographer and I've developed a real passion for it that grows daily.  I have the pleasure of seeing life from a different perspective, witnessing others' points of view and then sharing it with a little of my own creative finesse added.  There are no limitations when it comes to how creative you can be and the skills you learn.  And mostly, it's the stories that truly inspire me.  Whether they be stories of the landscape or elements and details of things of significance.  And of course, it's people's stories, especially...your stories that absolutely keep me amazed and spellbound!

Mum putting on Annie's shoes before heading outside to play.  Mum's stories are dear to my heart, knowing how tirelessly they give.

I never understood why photographers went on about light until I became one.   Now it seems I spend my days chasing the most beautiful light wherever I venture.

Before I focused on portraits, I spent most of my time photographing landscapes.  This is a recent photo from an engagement shoot and is one of my favourites.  I love environmental portraits, where people are not the only focus, but become part of their surroundings.  Our surroundings and our favourite places also help to tell our story.


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Last Winter Leaves of Melbourne.../Brisbane Family Photographer/Gold Coast Family Photographer

Melbourne's last leaves of winter at night

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree."

- Emily Bronte

I've been back from Melbourne one week, and have so many photos as per usual, and little time to process them all immediately.  I've been working on wedding photos and also making sure that I take time to stop and relax, and do what I need to do about getting into some type of routine again...school, lunches, uniforms and oh...getting back into the business of photography again after a much needed sojourn of sorts.

I loved Melbourne CBD!  It's been over 20 years since I was there last and I must say I enjoyed every moment.  The energy was just so amazing and I soaked it all up.  Most days I went wandering and just watched people, stopped and floated along in its' magic.  I loved the sense of artistic endeavour and how the historical is so cleverly intertwined with the modern.  So many opportunities to enjoy good food, art, music and cultural array.  And most of all, I just love stopping and talking to people.  

So tonight I thought I'd share some different images than what I normally shoot.  I had a lot of time just to sit and observe and at night when I and/or my husband ventured out at night, I was continually drawn to the autumn street trees of Melbourne.  At night especially, they took on the most fabulous and eerie appearance.  There was a lot of reflection from coloured street lights and the night I took these photos, the night sky was overcast and took on a most wonderful orange/red hue.

The trees were just so beautiful and I marvelled at the leaves on the bare, spindly branches of the Liquid Amber trees which were all so generously spread throughout the Melbourne CBD and outskirts.

I hope you enjoy these first images from my short break, and I'll be sharing more with you over the coming weeks.  I have many street photographs of the interesting people of Melbourne.

Kerry XX


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Enough...../Brisbane Vintage Inspired Photography/Brisbane Portrait Photography

My little space out the back, to sit and contemplate as I look out over our little forest 

"He who knows he has enough, is rich."

- Tao Te Ching

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted.  Suffice to say, I've been taking a well-earned rest, including a short road trip to Bauple recently.  Firstly, I just needed to sleep and not to think. I just needed to be in the present.  At first, I didn't even contemplate.  I just sat and listened and watched.

The first six months of the year have been hectic I must admit.  Actually, more hectic than I care to admit.  But admit,  I must.  So toward the end of my short sojourn I began to contemplate and to review these last months.  My friend Wendy lent me a few books to read, and one of them is called 'Enough' by John Nash.  It was a timely reminder of how much we overload ourselves with...things, information and the pursuit of achieving - myself included!  Coming into possession of this book lent to me was also serendipitous.

"We need to develop a sense of enough.  Or, if you fancy, enoughness. Or enoughism.  We have created a culture that has one over-riding message - we do not yet have all we need to be satisfied.  The answer, we are told, is to have, see, be and do even more.  Always more. But this is bearing strange fruit;  levels of stress, depression and burnout are all rising fast, even though we live amid unprecedented abundance.  Our planet doesn't look so happy, either."

So I've made some changes that will impact myself and my family over the next six months.  One thing that did come out of this period was the realisation that I am truly passionate about helping others tell their story through photography.  I never stop thinking and planning and coming up with ideas.  I also never stop learning about photography.  It's a lifelong pursuit.

Now that I'm well rested and have made some changes, I've had time to renew my energy and get excited about moving forward.  I've achieved a lot for my clients in the first six months, and I look forward to delivering more over the next six months, though at a slightly slower and more thoughtful pace.

What does that mean for my clients?   Better quality images and more creative ideas that lend towards images that are uniquely you.   


How do you want to be remembered?

So how do you want to be remembered?  

There are so many 'digital' images out there - what is going to make your photos truly unique and ones to be remembered?   When it comes down to it, I think that we still want to see, touch and feel our memories. We want a more sensory reminder of what people and experiences in our lives make it uniquely ours.   What we once thought as being priceless has become just another commodity.  Do we want our memories to really be just a commodity for us and others to fleetingly pass over and then forget?  I don't think so.  

You could say that some are redefining value - and that's what my goal is.

A beautiful, individually framed photo hung on the wall that you pass everyday and are thankful for. A moment or memory that is a piece of art, not just a photo, that captures what it means to be a family during a defining period in your family's life.   Or a thoughtfully designed and created photo storybook made especially for you that you can pick up, touch and feel with your own hands, cry or laugh over and share with loved ones. And as you traverse life's ups and downs, is something tangible that you can take down from the shelf and remember how it felt to experience those ups and downs.  That  is much more memorable than a flurry of fleeting digital images on your computer that you see and then is lost amidst the myriad of images you're subject to daily.

So as part of redefining value, I'll be telling you shortly about my spring promotion coming up, and I'm working on a couple of projects.  One of those is a new package I'll be launching which I will tell you about as well.

But as a lead up to this new product package, it will take some work to produce and I'll be looking for some clients who will be willing to put their hands up to help me develop this exciting product!  I'll make it a bit of competition, where you could WIN A FREE PORTRAIT SITTING, amongst other things, will be up for grabs! Though I warn you, it won't be your typical type of sitting. ;)

For now, I'm tidying up some things, finishing up some client editing, updating the website and working on details of the new SPRING PROMOTION as well as the NEW PORTRAIT PRODUCT PACKAGE.  But not before I head off to Melbourne next week for four days for some much needed couple time with my husband.

So stay tuned!!

Kerry XX


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My Country Getaway...Rest & Reflection.../Brisbane Vintage Photography/Brisbane Vintage Inspired Photography

"One advantage of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."

- Winnie-the-Pooh

Wendy's garden

Thanks to friends, Wendy and Mick from Bauple (pronounced Bopple) who allowed myself and my daughter, Philomena, to stay with them for some much needed rest and recuperation.   I spent a lot of the time just sleeping, slowing down, spending time with Philomena and seeing some sights around Bauple and Maryborough on the odd day or two. I wanted to do simple, everyday things without having to look at a clock and feel pressured to always be achieving something. One thing I was looking forward to was just to spend some time somewhere quiet without so many distractions.

Our lives...my life, is spent with so much noise.  Not just external, but also internal, where after awhile our thoughts become drowned out by too much noise.  The internet is also a trap which if we're not aware, can zap our time and it often draws us away from time that could be better spent elsewhere...with our loved ones or doing things more beneficial. Things that involve creating the peaceful and satisfying lives we truly want.  It's important to be able to step away from the constant distraction and disengagement from our 'real' lives. 

I also wanted to hear the sound of birds singing or chirping and hear the rustle of wind in the trees and just sit...sit, watch and observe.  Not necessarily to photograph, though I did on occasions.  But most of the time I sat and just listened and watched.  On cold mornings I would sit in the sun and Philomena did a little painting or played in the sun, and I did a little craftwork or Wendy and I would chat over cups of tea or coffee and philosophise about life.

Looking down towards the dam and back of Wendy and Mick's property.  There is a creek right at the back of it, though you can't see it in this photo.

The first morning I wandered down the back of the property just after sunrise and soaked up the fresh air and the tranquility.  I enjoyed the wallabies at dusk and the kookaburras who would fly down on the off chance of a receiving a tasty morsel from Wendy's kitchen.

We also went on a couple of drives in the mornings on odd days.  Below are photos of the Mary River, Dickabram Bridge (originally built in 1886, it is one of only two remaining vehicle and rail bridges in Australia), Maryborough and some colourful locals celebrating the upcoming Mary Poppins Festival (which was today).  The photo of the sugar cane fields is around Bauple.

On one of these drives we stopped in to Miva where Wendy attends an art class and we ended up staying to do some drawing and shared a cuppa with the members.  We really enjoyed the morning and got to meet some lovely and very interesting people, as well as meeting 'Porscha' the dog.   Time felt like it stood still because we had nowhere particular to be.  It was relaxing and refreshing to be amongst people who know how to enjoy the small moments in life.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. My getaway was far too short, but long enough to rest this weary soul and provide a little clarity and renewed energy. 

For me as a creative, I need time alone for contemplation and introspection.    I need quiet time to just sit and do nothing and take in things that would normally become drowned out by the busyness of life.   It gives me clarity of thought and mind. 

Clarity allows me to reflect...to focus...and to see and feel things that when we are filled up to the brim, get pushed back into the recesses of our hearts and minds. It's my source of inspiration and creativity because it allows me to reconnect - with myself, with other people, and with everything around me, but at a different vibration.  It also renews my energy, both mentally and physically, and clears away the stagnation that happens with the constant bombardment of our senses and our bodies.

How about you?  Do you find that life can become a little overwhelming?  Are you allowing the busyness of life to get on top of you?  Then I encourage you to seek solace somewhere and take time out away from the noise.  It doesn't have to cost a lot of money.  And it doesn't have to be for very long.  But it's important we recognise when we need time out and plan to take it,  because it may bring you some clarity and renewed energy to keep pushing forward.

My last photos I will leave you of a little place in Bauple called the Vintage Rose Cottage Tea Rooms.  We stopped in on our way home for devonshire tea and scones.  We thought it was open and let ourselves in the front gate, only to find that it was closed and the owner was away, with the gardener working in the grounds.  He was kind enough to give us a tour and tell us about the dreams of the owner for her cottages and gardens.  We were very grateful and on our next visit will definitely call in for tea and scones.

Kerry XX


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