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"Oh Love! Young Love!, bound in thy rosy band,

Let sage or cynic prattle as he will,

these hours and only these, redeem life's years of ill."

- Lord Byron


Gosh I love being behind the camera!  It's such a privilege to witness people in all their beauty, and splendour.  And so it is with being able to capture the young, teenage love of Dylan and Rhianne.

It's the stuff that classic romance novels go crazy over! 

It's so invigorating and rejuvenating to see how these two young musicians and friends truly embracing and supporting each other's journey,  starting out in life.  I can see how they must have grown together and with it their budding love and confidence.

It was my absolute pleasure to photograph Dylan and Rhianne just being themselves, being in the present and soaking up the last hours of the day, totally captivated by each other.

After an unpredictable start to the session with showers and storm clouds coming over at the first location, the sky eventually broke open, leaving heavy, bruised clouds on the horizon, with a deep pink-purple sky looming above.  A perfect end to this beautiful couple session.

Thanks to Dylan and Rhianne for completely being in the moment, relaxing and trusting.  I can't wait to share the rest of your images soon.... ;)

Oh Love!  Young Love!

Kerry xoxox

Brisbane Couple Photography
Brisbane Couple Photography
Brisbane Couple Photography

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