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Biographer (bi.og.ra.pher): A person who writes an account of someone's life.

- Oxford Dicitionary

That's me...a Biographer.  Yes, I'm a photographer, but I'm much more than that. What drives me is to write an account of you...your life...who you are.  

I don't just want to show you a pretty picture, though it must be appealing to the eye and there must be beauty in it.  There are many forms of beauty, and I mean to capture them all.  

Beauty is found in deep sorrow and heights of happiness.  It is found in grand places and in the lowly ones too.  It is found in each one of us in different and unique ways. Beauty is life and the unique web you weave is what truly inspires me.  

Tell me who you really are and I'll show you something that maybe you haven't seen before, or had forgotten had existed.

A photo memory of a father as a boy...

A photo memory of a father as a boy...

and a living memory of his son.

and a living memory of his son.


I want to know...what makes you smile?  What makes your heart sing?  What makes you cry? And what makes you feel something stir deep inside?  And I want to know why.  

All those little things that have brought you to this moment.  They become the big things.  But we don't often realise this until our defining moments, when life takes a turn...when life changes or takes a different direction and forces us to look inward.

Brisbane Family Documentary Photography
Documentary Family Photography

This is how it was for Paula and Damon and their family, whose photos you see in this post.  Realising that their lives would change and they would be moving on, Paula and Damon wanted to have a momento of this stage of their family life.  A witness of accounts of sorts to remind them of this beautiful time in their lives.  

Their children are teenagers and Paula could see how their relationship with their children would inevitably change, especially as young boys and girls become young men and women. That growing awareness that soon the closeness...the bond between parents and young children would somehow be different, and they wanted to hold onto that and to savour it for what it meant right now.

By spending one night and one full day documenting their lives...A Day-in-the-Life of the Kloots, I was gifted with the privilege of insight into who the Kloots family are.  Not just as a family, but as individuals.  And I have been truly humbled that this beautiful family allowed me to share their lives and open themselves up to me, in order that I may accurately record who they are and who they were at this point in their lives.

And when asked to give one quote, saying or words that described who the Kloots family were, this is what they said...

"As different as we all are from each other, we were made to be together."

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So my gift to you  as your biographer,  is to reflect back to you those little things that often go unnoticed. Those visceral feelings that all of us have,  but maybe we just need encouragement and a little courage to acknowledge.  Or those little things that while living and rushing around we have little time to stop and savour.  

And my job is done when I can help you to preserve and cement those things in a way that becomes a living reminder of who we are now and who we were:  as individuals...as a family...as friends...as groups of like-minded people,  and as a community.  

My desire is to help you remember, appreciate and savour all that you are and have been, in the kaleidoscope which is your life.  This sweet, crazy, maddening life.

Kerry xx

*  If you would like your own biography and a document of your life or your family's life, and if you are going through a stage in your life that you would like a visual account, then call me on 0488 723 673 or email me on info@truth-seeker-images.com.  For further information on Documentary (Family) Photography packages, CLICK HERE.


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