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After a crazy week, receiving the tail-end of Cyclone Marcia the Heng family finally got to have their family photo session on a beautiful, mostly sunny, Qld afternoon.  Originally planned for the weekend, the Heng family flew into Brisbane from Singapore amidst all the cyclone chaos on the Gold Coast.

It was touch-and-go for awhile, and I thought the rain would never stop!  The annoying part was the unpredictability of showers.  So I was happy and relieved that we were able to fit in the Heng's family photo session the day before they returned home!  And they were also very happy and relieved.

This is the first time that I've shot a family session without meeting the family beforehand. Though I did have a skype session with the lovely Junjun (in the apricot top).  So first up the family had a much needed coffee at the community centre at Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens to help them relax and get into the session.  With such beautiful surrounds and the children fascinated with the ducks and water, it made it much easier for everyone to relax. Children have a great way of helping adults relax and ease into the present moment.


After the initial traditional family photo, I snapped off a few quick pics of the family engaging in some relaxed and playful banter.  The combination of inquisitive children, sunshine and the beautiful park and gardens worked a treat to settle everyone's nerves.  I found the Heng family wonderfully engaging and happy, and best of all,  everyone was willing to get into the spirit of fun!

So thank you to all of the Heng family for being so wonderfully enthusiastic!  I'm so glad the weather improved for you all to enjoy the sunny, Qld weather I know you were all looking forward to, and I trust your return journey was swift and safe.

Kerry xx

A little more relaxed...

Miss Lirissa, Jammy & Junyuan

Shawn, Master Warren & Jun Jun

Lively and energetic parents...Mr & Mrs Heng

The youngest of the Heng siblings...Junwen


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