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Riana holding the body of the Pirate Pinata which came off with the first exuberant strikes

Yesterday I went along to a family birthday party for my two nephews and niece.  Their birthdays are so close together, so it made sense that mum and dad would hold a combined party.

I ummed and aaarhed about taking my camera.   As a photographer there are times I would rather not take my camera out and just enjoy the moments without any pressure.  Of course, I'm only the one putting that pressure on myself.  And being the photographer I am, I couldn't help but take my camera.  My nephews and niece are so adorable it's hard for me to resist taking photos.  It was a great party and I really enjoyed it!  I decided to get amongst the kids, because that's the best way to get the best shots and you get to witness all the great kid moments.  

Kids really know how to have fun! Left to their own devices and allowing their imagination to run wild, it’s a real lesson for us adults on how to just go with the flow and be in the moment. There’s no concern about what they wear or how they look. They just want to have fun and explore.

Piers and Riana (mum and dad) made sure the kids were well catered for with lots of variety and fun stuff to do.  And of course a big back yard and playroom geared for kids and their sense of adventure.

You'll probably notice too that I might have taken a few more photos of little cousins, Anastasia (my niece) and Mia.  They are just too cute and hard for a photographer to resist!  So I apologise in advance for the 'extra' little girl photos.

Kid's parties are so much fun!!

Kerry xx


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