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There's something definitely magical about a pine forest. And it's not just the kids who come to discover this but the adults as well!  It's a place where once you enter you're swept up in it's magic, beauty and serenity. 

Pizzey Park in Miami is a popular place for families, and what I love about using this location for family photo shoots is that not only is it beautiful, but it captures the imagination of children and adults alike (and it's quiet...sshhh - don't tell anyone).  There is also so much to engage both children and adults and it instantly puts everyone at ease.  The transformation in people is just amazing and the Moisander family were no exception.

I was a little apprehensive about keeping brother and sister, Joni (Yonni) and Auli (Our-lee) occupied, but I shouldn't have been so concerned.  They were just wonderful to work with and set about exploring as soon as they arrived.  The difficulty of the day was getting a family photo with everyone being still and looking at the camera, all at the same time!  But we managed it! (Thanks to the help of my sister Carol, once again - thanks Sis). 

So here are some photos of this lovely Finnish family.  I had a wonderful time and I think this was the most relaxed family shoot I've had.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and just soaked it all in.  The day couldn't have been more beautiful.

A big thank you to parents, Rachael and Janne (Yan-neh) for getting into the spirit of the afternoon by relaxing and allowing everyone to explore and just go with the flow!  

By approaching a photo session as a special time to spend with your loved ones and being present and in the moment, it's so much more fun!  And the bonus is always beautiful photos that capture real moments.

Kerry XX


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