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Kerry is an amazing photographer who manages with her keen eye and her post-production skills, to find seemingly simple moments, and turn them into meaningful memories to last a lifetime. Kerry wanted to know which settings were most important to us, so she worked with us before our big day, then did her very best to ensure those images were taken on the day. She listened to us, our needs, our desires…and she added her artistic talents to create our treasured memories. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kerry to anyone who wants a highly skilled, passionate, fun and easy-to-work-with photographer who delivers results. Thank you, Kerry...from the bottom of our hearts.
— Karen & Stewart Bache, Murwillumbah, NSW

Thanks to Karen and Stew for this lovely testimonial. XXX

I'm always appreciative that clients take time and thought to write these words down.  And personally, I love to know that what I do is making a difference to someone and they appreciate my work and my efforts.  Working with people and helping them achieve the photos and memories they love is what I am passionate about.

So just as a special thanks to Karen and Stew, I put together a quick little video of a few of their special moments, showing just how much love there is between them.


Kerry XX


* P.S. Just a Tip: Choose a resolution of 720p HD for PC's or 360p for mobiles for faster loading.

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