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Traditional City Circle Tram stops in front of Parliament House ahead of schedule

This week's photos of Melbourne are of the city precinct where we stayed recently on our break. One major thing I noticed about Melbourne as opposed to Brisbane is how the historical and traditional are kept and maintained and are successfully melded with the new and contemporary.  

I don't know  how it's done, but it works magically!  It's like going back in time, but with a modern and vibrant feel.  Melbourne is so multi-faceted in many different ways.

I think also because the weather is so much colder than Brisbane, being fashionable is so much easier to achieve. I don't know what it's like in summer in Melbourne - maybe the fashion is more casual.  But I was impressed at how everyone dressed so beautifully.

Most of all, what I loved about Melbourne was the amazing energy!  I just walked and walked and soaked it all up.  The people, the weather, the amazing trees and buildings...and the many talented local musicians being supported!

So today I'm just bringing you the 'classy' side of Melbourne.  For those of you from Melbourne - do you recognise any of these places (apart from the obvious)?

In my next post, more photos but more street photography and a little more of the artistic and lassez faire.

I hope you enjoy these photos and share this post for others to enjoy!

Kerry xx 

Below is the above gallery in black and white


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