More Romance...Vintage Photography/Brisbane Couples Photography

I've been playing around with Dani and Josh's photos as part of getting all my marketing together for the upcoming Spring Engagement Promotion, and stumbled upon this image again. When I did my first lot of edits, I wasn't really happy with the end result and this image didn't make the cut.  But there was just something about the look in Dani and Josh's eyes and the whole scene that keeps drawing me in.

So nearly four months after taking these shots, it's amazing how much more I can see and visualise for this image and I've processed the colour image with different tones, yet still retaining that vintage feel.  

There's a certain air of quiet, strong confidence in their stance and how comfortable they are, and it shows don't you think?  If you never got to see any of Dani and Josh's shots earlier in the year, you can go to 'Romance Amongst the Canefields' for a look.

And here is the black-and-white version.  I'd like to know what you think and always appreciate comments and feedback.


Kerry XX

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