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Melbourne's last leaves of winter at night

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree."

- Emily Bronte

I've been back from Melbourne one week, and have so many photos as per usual, and little time to process them all immediately.  I've been working on wedding photos and also making sure that I take time to stop and relax, and do what I need to do about getting into some type of routine, lunches, uniforms and oh...getting back into the business of photography again after a much needed sojourn of sorts.

I loved Melbourne CBD!  It's been over 20 years since I was there last and I must say I enjoyed every moment.  The energy was just so amazing and I soaked it all up.  Most days I went wandering and just watched people, stopped and floated along in its' magic.  I loved the sense of artistic endeavour and how the historical is so cleverly intertwined with the modern.  So many opportunities to enjoy good food, art, music and cultural array.  And most of all, I just love stopping and talking to people.  

So tonight I thought I'd share some different images than what I normally shoot.  I had a lot of time just to sit and observe and at night when I and/or my husband ventured out at night, I was continually drawn to the autumn street trees of Melbourne.  At night especially, they took on the most fabulous and eerie appearance.  There was a lot of reflection from coloured street lights and the night I took these photos, the night sky was overcast and took on a most wonderful orange/red hue.

The trees were just so beautiful and I marvelled at the leaves on the bare, spindly branches of the Liquid Amber trees which were all so generously spread throughout the Melbourne CBD and outskirts.

I hope you enjoy these first images from my short break, and I'll be sharing more with you over the coming weeks.  I have many street photographs of the interesting people of Melbourne.

Kerry XX


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