My First Flower Head Garland....Brisbane Vintage Photography/Children's Vintage Inspired Photography

Miss Phil's favourite shot, wearing a native flower head garland I made today

So what do you think of my first flower head garland?  Do you like it?  Is it okay to say that I love it?

You see, I've been wanting to trial flower head garlands to use as props, and having them made is quite expensive.  So I decided I would start making them myself.  The one that Miss Phil is wearing, is made from the flower seeds off a couple of Eucalypt Trees in our yard.   They were all sprinkled around after the winds and I thought they would look great to use for my first garland.  It was so simple!

So I'd love to hear your thoughts on the garland and what you think of having garlands as props.  If you are thinking of having a family, child or even individual portraits, engagement portraits, etc, and think you'd like to use flower head garlands as props, let me know.  I'd love us to come up with some ideas and I can make some ahead of your shoot.  But be sure to give me plenty of notice to make them.

Or why not even try making them yourself?  There are heaps of DIY instructions on the net.  Just google 'DIY Flower Head Garlands' or something similar.  Try it, and send in some pics of your masterpieces - I'd love to see them!

Kerry XX

***P.S.  Maybe you could use them in our upcoming SPRING PROMOTIONS!


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