Will Your Photos Look Better If You Wear Make-up ?...Brisbane Family Photographer/Gold Coast Family Photographer

Des, Brie & Jacqui, complete with hair and make-up by Ella from Ella Louise Hair & Beauty.  This photo was before any post editing, artistic enhancements or any skin blemishes were removed.  This was also toward the end of a 2.5hr photo session, so their make-up has held up very well indeed!

Look at the above photo of Des, Brie and Jacqui.   

Now look at their 'Before' photos below. 

Before photos

What do you think?  Do you think make-up made a difference and their family photos were better for it?  

My answer will always be YES as a photographer.  And I am a little biased.  Why?  Because it makes my work easier.  When your skin and your hair look beautiful and you look your best, you take better photos!  It is that simple!  

Also, I don't have to spend so much time going in to remove unsightly blemishes or uneven or reddish skin tones.  Regardless of how 'natural' people want to have their photos, the reality is, unless you're a child who has near perfect skin, you're going to have quite a variance in your skin tones and as we age, our skin can and often bears witness to all the things we've weathered in life.

Case in hand -  can you see how red Des' skin tones are in his before photo?  If Des didn't have some basic foundation and work done to lessen the red tones in his skin, the contrast and difference in skin colour with that of Jacqui and Brie would have been too much and the final photos wouldn't have looked so nice.  All you would be seeing would be Des' red face and that's all you would be able to focus on, rather than the family as a whole.

The final image of Des, Brie and Jacqui complete with make-up, removal of skin blemishes and artistic enhancements.  There's not that much of a difference between the top image and this one.  I didn't need to do much in the way of major skin fixes,  I basically removed a few of Brie's skin blemishes which many pre-teens start to develop.  Now  don't you think they take a beautiful family photo?

So do you want the best outcome?  Do you want portraits that you are proud to hang up on your wall? And do you want you and your family to be shown in the best light?

I don't know about you, but I would want to look my best, and I'm sure the rest of my family would want to as well.  It's not often that people have professional photos taken.  There's a reason why they do.

People want to be remembered in their best light.  They want to look back at their photos fondly. And they want to remember a time when they were happy...were beautiful...felt beautiful.  They want to smile when they reflect upon their images of their family and more often than not, they want happy memories of how they felt and most importantly, how they looked their very best.

More significantly, when you have your hair and make-up done you feel great and that reflects in your photos!

Kerry XX

*P.S.  Again, a special thanks to Ella from Ella Louise Beauty.  I would recommend her for your make-up before a portrait session and Hairy Bits Salon for your hair styling.

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