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Don't you just love the use of the letters as props?  Discovered in Jacqui & Des' lounge room, we thought it would be a great idea and is something which had personal meaning for the family.  And a little side-note to this image.  It was mentioned that Des and Jacquie bought letters for themselves originally, and when Brie saw that, she protested that she too should have her own letter to make the family complete.  So 'B' for Brie was a bit of an afterthought, hence Brie being a little separate and in the middle on this shot.

If you haven't yet had a chance to view Jacqui and Des' online gallery of their recent Family Beach photos, this is your last chance!  Click on the link below to view and order images, before the gallery expires this Sunday 15th June.

Family Beach Photos - Jacquie & Des

And stay tuned for some 'before' and 'after' photos of this lovely family who had their hair and make-up done before the shoot.  Amazing how much of a difference it makes to your photos.

Not only is it easier for the photographer by saving on post-editing of images, but just by having your hair and make-up done, you'll feel so much more glamorous and it's amazing when you feel better, your photos turn out better too!

I'll also be posting on how to look great for your photographs too.  So keep an eye out for those tips!

Ciao for now...

Kerry XX


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