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Vintage Bride Wedding Fair, Toowoomba  Qld

Autumn Leaves, Picnic Point, Toowoomba Qld

Autumn Leaves, Picnic Point, Toowoomba Qld

The sun going down over the Lockyer Valley, Qld

My friend, Italian photographer, Silvia who is visiting from Turin, Italy.  

It's the wee hours of the morning as I write this.  Why can I not sleep?  Too many thoughts and ideas running through my head, and all the to do's I have for what is now, tomorrow. Unfortunately, not only my daughter's nightmares wake her in the middle of the night, they also disturb my sleep when I get up to soothe her.  This time I cannot go back to sleep, but lay for an hour before deciding I may as well get up and get some work done!

Most of my thoughts are on yesterday (Sunday).  I took a rare day totally for myself for a day trip to Toowoomba to visit the Vintage Bride Wedding Fair.  I invited my new friend Silvia, who is visiting from Turin, Italy.  She is studying English in Brisbane and has had very few opportunities to see outside of the city, so I asked her along, knowing she would enjoy the countryside. She's also great company and a wealth of knowledge, having many years of experience in photography.

We literally took two hours to get from one side of the room to the other (it wasn't that big).  We talked to just about every vendor displaying their wares in photography, stationary and printing, cake making, hair styling, clothing and props.  Not only did I learn a lot about the vintage bridal market, but we had a wonderful time just chatting with vendors who were so helpful and friendly.  It's so much more interesting when you talk to people and find out about how they got involved in their businesses and also to hear the passion for what they do.  I'm now armed with all this information, so it's time to start planning. Now just to secure my first vintage wedding!

The weather was spectacular for our drive and Silvia and I enjoyed the day immensely.  We stopped in for a short visit to a friend of mine in Toowoomba after stopping at Picnic Point to see the sights overlooking the Toowoomba range.  Then we spent a couple of hours at the fair and finished the day with a coffee at the bottom of the mountain and viewing a beautiful valley sunset.  And of course, we had to take photos.

So overall I had a beautiful day full of nostalgia for things past, present and the future.  Thank you to Silvia for sharing the nostalgia with me and making it a memorable day.

Kerry XX


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