'Life is a Beach' - Teasers...Brisbane Family Photographer/Gold Coast Family Photographer

"At the beach life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour, but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun."

- author unknown

For Jacqui, Brie, Des and their cute little pooch, Rosie, alot of their time is spent at the beach, and in this particular spot at the Southport Spit, in and around the Gold Coast Pumping Jetty.  So it wasn't unusual for them to request their family photos to be taken here.  There are a lot of happy memories attached.

The weather has been unpredictable and we weren't even sure whether their photo shoot would proceed.  But luck was on our side, and it turned out to be an ideal day for portraits...cloudy and with some breaks in the clouds with some lovely, though shortlived colour at sunset.

I really pushed this lovely family to get in all the shots they wanted.  Everyone had fun, including me, but by the end of the afternoon we were all quite exhausted!  And the star of the day was definitely Rosie, who was amazingly well-behaved.  She played and joined in everything and then when we needed her to be quiet, she was quiet and just sat!

So anyway, here are some teasers for Jacqui and Des.  Hope they both like them and I hope you enjoy these images as well.  

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Kerry XX

**P.S.  Thanks to Ella from Ella Louise Beauty  and Hairy Bits hair salon for doing a fantastic job on the make-up and hair for Des, Jacqui and Brie (Rosie doesn't need make up - she's cute enough as she is).  And also thanks to my lovely assistant, Riana Warnholtz (my sister-in-law) for her help.

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A happy family - Jacqui, Brie, Des and Rosie the pooch

Rosie was never far from her owners' side

Des & Jacqui

Father and daughter XX

Daughter Brie, who I discovered quite liked being in front of the camera :)

The last moments of daylight and a family silhouette

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