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Vinnie turns 1 year old today...Happy Birthday little fella!

Today my cousin's little boy is turning 1 year old!   Isn't he just a cutie?  Not only is he cute, but he has the sweetest, most gentle temperament.

So I'm wishing Vinnie a happy birthday.  And tomorrow is Vinnie's birthday party which all of our family are going along to.  It will be lovely to catch up with all our cousins, aunts and uncles.  It's been awhile.

So Liz, here are a few of those photos I promised you.  See you there with bells on! ;)

Kerry XX

*P.S.  I scheduled this post for 2nd May, but it published earlier.  Oops! 

Ole' blue eyes

Vinnie says 'SMILE'!

B&W candid portrait

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