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c1949 Kodak Box Brownie

c1949 Kodak Box Brownie

Look what came in the post today? ***squeeee*** :D  Excited much?  If you don't know what it is, it's a working c1949 Kodak Box Brownie.

I've purchased it as a prop, but fully intend to take film photos with it eventually.  I'm really interested in film cameras and would like to down the track, get more into film photography. Though today you can buy modern film cameras but these can be more expensive that digital cameras.

I can't wait to use this in upcoming vintage styled shoots as a prop.  It should be fun! 

If you're interested in how the name 'Brownie' came about, here's an excerpt from 'The Origin of the Brownies'.  You can click on the link for the entire article:


"The "Brownie," as the cyclopeaedia informs us, springs from an old Scotch tradition, but it leaves us to follow up the tradition ourselves and learn how far back into the past it may be traced.  Now a tradition, or legend, is about as difficult game to hunt to cover as your literary fowler can flush, but enough can be found to prove that the "Brownies" were good-natured little spirits or goblins of the fairy order."



Kerry  xx

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