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Mikayla...beautiful young girl 

Mikayla...beautiful young girl 

Mikayla in black-and-white

Mikayla in black-and-white

So which of above images do you prefer...Colour or Black-and-White?  Or do you have a preference?Personally,  I love both, but for different reasons.   As a photographer it's important to understand why we use colour in photos and why we would sometimes have that same photo in black-and-white.  

Have you ever really, really thought about it?  Have you ever tried to put into words why you like a photo in colour or black-and-white (we won't go in sepia and other types of monochrome images...that's too complicated).  Try it...try putting it into words.  It's not easy is it?  We know we like it, but the interesting thing is to know WHY.

Now getting back to Mikayla's photos.  I love the colour image because it really shows off her beautiful eyes which look hazel to me.  Her eyes just jump out at me.  The warm browns and reds also bring out her beautiful hair and skin and the highlights and make her white teeth and eyes look bright and healthy.

As for the black-and-white...I love black-and-white because it cuts to the heart of a photo.  For Mikayla's black-and-white image, it's her eyes and her lovely smile that mesmerise me.  By cutting out colour from an image, it immediately decreases all the surrounding background clutter.  Our eyes don't tend to focus on the noise of the background and competing colours.  So by cutting out that extra 'noise' our eyes and brains have less things to distract them and so they can see through to the heart and feeling of the image.

So try it.  Next time when you're looking at photos and you see an image in colour, and then look at the same image in black-and-white, try to put into words why you like one or both of them and see if your reasons are the same or different.

As to Mikayla's photos, leave a comment and tell me which one you like or both and tell me why.  Your reasons may be completely different to mine.

Kerry XX



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