Sharyn & Tracy - A Most Wonderful Couple... / Brisbane Portrait Photographer

"Blessed is the influence of another true loving human soul on another."

 -George Eliot


Sharyn and Tracy are a couple who have been together for over 10 years.   I have known Sharyn (on the left) for nearly five years now through our association with the Defence Force.   We struck up a great friendship and found we had quite a few things in common - one of them being photography. Most of all, I've always known her to be wonderfully at ease and relaxed. She always has a smile on her face and is great for sharing laughs.   It's always fun when Sharyn is around!  She's also very inspiring and keeps herself fit and active. 

So it goes without saying that when I met Tracy, I found her as lovely as Sharyn.  Though Tracy is definitely a little mischievous...and the complete opposite!   They are like chalk and cheese.  I soon found out that they hadn't had any professional photos taken together.  Plenty of happy snaps, especially during their travels with friends.  But no real professional photos to speak of.  Sharyn admitted she didn't like having her photo taken.  So I was honoured and delighted to have taken some relaxed and engaging images of this beautiful couple.

Mind you, it was quite a different photo shoot.   I was treated to nibblies and oven grilled Kransky sausages (yummo!  I've only ever eaten them cold) after the shoot and took lots of snaps during preparations and wines (no wines for me of course) and there were lots of laughs and conversation.

This is the part I really love about photography - engaging with clients and getting to know who they really are.  People are so diverse and interesting if we take the time to talk to them, listen and open our hearts and minds.

So these are just a few images I wanted to share which were shot at Sharyn and Tracy's home in Brisbane.  I'll share some more down the track to include the rest of their little family of the dog variety and also some with them doing 'silly'  and fun stuff.

Ciao for now...

Kerry XX

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