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Why is it that only when we've had some years under our belt and we've raised families or are still raising families or lived our lives as adults, that we only then come to realise the importance of our families?  I think maybe that's because we can't really appreciate the challenges and sacrifices that are made by our parents until we are adults or parents ourselves.  

The appreciation I believe is an organic process, and it's a process of enduring love.  It is something that evolves and builds upon all those experiences, challenges and triumphs.  


How can we truly know that love that resides in our parents' hearts until that same love resides in our own?


So today I wanted to practice gratitude for my husband and daughter, my brothers and sister, my aunts and uncles, my parents and husband's parents, as well as my extended family. Because all together they help us through the hard times so we can then enjoy the good times. And that also goes for those who may not be family by blood but become family through association and the test of time.

My parents-in-law

My parents-in-law

Today, I also wanted to show gratitude for the wonderful blessing of my parents-in-law who have shown incredible love and support through all the years.  They are beautiful, kind and generous people and even though they won't see this post, I wanted to thank them in my own small way.

Recently, I took some photos of them as requested by them.   They are moving onto the next stage of their lives as my father-in-law calls, The Twilight Years.  They thought it would be timely to get some photos taken even though they don't really like having them, and it's been some time since they've had some nice, more-than-casual photos taken.  

I am sharing with you just one of those photos that I recently took of them which they wanted to have taken in their home of some 30 years. Their home holds special memories for them and especially for my husband, whose major part of his childhood was spent in this home. 

So I hope that today you may just take a moment to feel gratitude for your family and I do hope that you feel the same as I do...that family is life's greatest blessing.

Kerry XX

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