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Just very recently, I shot a vintage styled family portrait session.  For these types of sessions, a lot of planning goes into achieving the desired outcome.  I wanted to share with you a little of what I do to get the results I'm looking for.  This was also my first real planned styled shoot.  

For me, what makes the difference between your run-of-the-mill portraits and something truly special, is how you connect with your clients.  What I've found through experience dealing with people in the service sector in all my working years, is that it's not always the product that keeps people coming back.  

It's people, that keep people coming back.  It's those little things...those little touches that truly make the difference.

So through my photography, that's what I want to give my clients. I want them to not just have a photograph taken.  I want them to have an experience and feel that their images are a reflection of their unsaid wants and desires, and to be a reflection of themselves and those they love.

If you're looking for photos and images that have deep meaning for you, then that's what I can give you.  If you're looking for those 'little touches' and for beautiful images that show the words that your heart can't explain, then I can help you achieve that.  And this I believe, can only be done by collaborating with you and getting to know a little about who you are.

Tully Pine Picnic Invite

So today, I wanted to bring you in on the start of a little journey and to have a peak into how the Tully Family Pine Picnic family portrait session evolved and how it all came together.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day..a better setting...and a better family for it all to come together so beautifully.

This is what Melissa had to say about the 'little touches'..

"Kerry, thank you so much for the 'mud map' as you called is beautifully done and such a lovely gift to receive."


Over the coming days and weeks I'll be posting photos and other things of Tully Family Pine Picnic and how it all comes together.  So this is how it started and how I help bring my clients in on creating a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Kerry XX



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