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Tamika's well-loved Morrie

Tamika's well-loved Morrie

"Fashion fades.  Only style remains the same."

- Coco Chanel


Are you a lover of things of old like me?   What is about old pre-loved things that you love? Do they give you a feeling of nostalgia?  Do they evoke certain memories for you?

For me, old things are a symbol of the people and the times that have gone before us.  I think they are a way of remembering how people use them, have used them or admired them for different reasons.  'Old, vintage things' give us a sense of history and they give significance to the fact that people have been here. In essence they give us a sense of who they were and how they lived.  I think for most people, it would be nice to think that once we are gone, a little piece of us resides in those treasured possessions.

'Old things' are a storehouse of memories - somewhat like a history book.  I just wish there was some way that you could press a button and hear the owners' voice giving an account of what that item meant to them and how it contributed to their lives, whether it was in a small or significant way.'


Morrie Dash

So today I wanted to introduce you to an 'old, vintage, thing'...namely a well-loved and treasured 1961 Morris Minor.  Sadly, the owner doesn't know its' complete history, apart from the fact that it was owned by an old lady from Northern NSW.  This old lady was the only owner of the car.

Needless to say that the current owner, Tamika has created her own history with this car. She hasn't changed this car in any way in the 10 years she's had it!  Everything is still the original, down to the plastic cover on the back seat and the push-button ignition, and she likes it that way.  So do I!  

Of course, there is a bit of a story to how I came across this beautiful little car.  I spotted it in the car park of our local shopping centre and left a note for the owner.  I hadn't heard anything for a few weeks and just assumed the owner had looked at my promotional brochure and note and just threw it away.  So I was delighted to get a phone call from Tamika!

You see, this beloved little Morrie is soon to become the centre-piece of an upcoming Vintage Style Shoot that I'm preparing for next month for a client!  So keep your eyes out for more details of the shoot.

But meanwhile, you can send in any photos of your 'old things' and tell us a little about what they/it means to you: its' history and how you came about being the owner of it or even being the caretaker of it.   And depending on your story and how interesting  the history of that item, I will post your photo of your 'old thing' with your story in my upcoming newsletter which will be part of our feature, 'Vintage Corner'.  And who knows, one day you may very well star in your own Vintage Style Shoot with your beloved item/s!

You can send your photo of your 'Old Thing/s' and the story or history behind it either to the Truth Seeker Images Facebook Wall, or email the details to info@truth-seeker-images.com. And if you would like to book a Vintage Style Shoot you can do so using our Booking/Enquiry Form.  I look forward to hearing your stories.

Ciao for now...

Kerry XX






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