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Daddy & Miss Phil having a chat while waiting for starters...(inset) entrance to Spring Creek Mountain Cafe; homemade crusty bread and dips; the view from the verandah out to Main Range National Park.

Daddy & Miss Phil having a chat while waiting for starters...(inset) entrance to Spring Creek Mountain Cafe; homemade crusty bread and dips; the view from the verandah out to Main Range National Park.

Last Saturday my husband decided we were going on a drive to spend some family time together.  Life has been so hectic and a lot of my weekends lately have been taken up with photo shoots, preparation and scouting, and pre-session consultations.  And having started back at uni the last week, time together now has to be planned in advance.

I was rather amazed to find that I had a Saturday free of anything, so off we headed on Saturday morning for Queen Mary Falls in Kilarney.  It was the first time for Miss Phil, but hubby and I had been there over 12 months ago for my birthday and it was after torrential rain. The head road was closed as the rain had caused a landslide and back then we ended up taking the long route through Warwick to get to the falls.  Luckily back then it was just the two of us and it was so green and picturesque.

Our first stop was Spring Creek Mountain Cafe in Kilarney which overlooks Main Range National Park. Since The Head road was still closed, hubby decided on taking the 'gravel road' alternate route through White Swamp to get there.  Big mistake!  The road was so bumpy and the vibration caused Miss Phil to feel a little green, so the trip out wasn't as pleasant as we thought.

We were glad to arrive at the cafe and ended up staying for lunch.  And after the rather long trip out, coffee was the first thing we ordered!  The food is made on premises and is always superb, so we started with some freshly baked crusty bread with sundried tomato pesto, balsemic vinegar dip and garlic butter...yummo!  Lunch for the adults was Arancini Balls with mediterranean sauce and rocket, and Miss Phil was happy with homemade sausage roll and chips which we ended taking with us as a doggy bag. 

Old cottage, Carney's Creek

Old cottage, Carney's Creek

Even though the drive out was long, I still enjoyed the countryside.  It wasn't as green as last year, though Spring Creek Mountain was very green as it gets a bit of rain due to its' altitude.  As a photographer, driving through the countryside is a real feast for my eyes as I try to take everything in. I absolutely love looking at all the old homesteads and farms and run down old sheds and buildings! I can never get enough and I always dream about what great photo shoots could be had if I lived out in the country.  So I had to include a photo of a wonderful old, run down cottage which I spotted on our drive through White Swamp.  Hubby had to stop the car so I could take the photo, but he and Miss Phil are quite used to having to stop.  

Queen Mary Falls, Kilarney, Qld

Queen Mary Falls, Kilarney, Qld

After lunch we headed off down the road to our destination, Queen Mary Falls.  It definitely wasn't as full as last year.  I remember last year it was difficult taking a photo as there was so much spray coming off the bulging falls, it was difficult getting a shot. And that was from the top viewing platform!

We didn't go down to the base of the falls.  Going anywhere with a 7 year old is slow going at the best of times and with Miss Phil still feeling a little off, we weren't about to drag her up and down the trail whingeing and complaining.  So we were happy just taking her to the top viewing platform. Well I did anyway.  Hubby has a fear of heights and can't actually stand looking down.  It's too dizzying for him.

Then we headed off home on another rather long trip via Rathdowney.  Even though it was lovely to get out and about, I was rather happy to arrive home and get an early night.

I do enjoy these trips, but I must admit that I would much prefer photographing landscapes at sunset and sunrise, as the colours are much more brilliant and flattering.  And I love the solitary hours at these times, as usually I will photograph during the golden hours alone.

If you would like to visit any of these places, I've provided a link for you to check it out.  If you do visit, let me know what you think and drop me a line, send in a photo or leave a comment here or on the wall of Truth Seeker Images Facebook Page!

So until our next little Family Daycation, I bid you adieu!

Kerry XX

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