Cowboys & Indians & All That Stuff Dreams are Made of...

“To me, horses and freedom are synonymous.”

- Rance and Farm

My daughter couldn't resist getting onto the rocking children do

My daughter couldn't resist getting onto the rocking children do

Recently, I started documenting my growing collection of old things to use as props. I've always loved antiques and old things.  I love the stories that come with them and their history.  If only these things could speak, I wonder at the stories they could tell.  Of course, attached to these old things are usually people and their own stories, and that can be even more interesting.  

I wanted to share with you one of those collection of things.  It's not actually mine.  It's my sister's, but it's been in my dad's shed for probably about fifteen years or more, gathering dust and I've always loved this rocking horse.  So I decided to rescue it with the support of my sister!

I can't wait to use this rocking horse to recreate the magic in children's lives and for their parents to watch and secretly wish they too were riding that rocking horse into the sunset. But I'd also like to recreate the magic in the lives of parents and adults too.  

How cool would it be to be able to help people remember the magic?  For me, that would be very cool.  I can't wait to share all of those magical moments with you that are created with my clients.  It's only a matter of time - so watch this space!

I think that as adults, we push those memories back so far we forget the magic and power of our dreams and visions and we relegate them to the scrap heap of unfulfilled ones, and pooh-pooh them as mere childhood wishes and fantasies.

But I say that we should not forget the magic, and find a way of bringing it into our adulthood. There's magic and power in our dreams as adults too, but we think it's only for kids...bah!  It's here for us too!   

Do you have any special childhood memories?  And what is it about them that make them so special to you?  Wouldn't you like to feel that magic again?  You know...for me, my fondest childhood memories  I usually associate with freedom, and as the opening quote alludes too. I think that could also be why children love rocking enjoy that blissful feeling that only freedom can bring.

Kerry XX






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