When a Dog enters your life and Day Surgery... /Brisbane Pet Photography

If you haven't yet met Duffus Dawg, then say hallo...



Duffus Dawg is the clay that binds our little family together.  He teaches us about compassion, love and gratitude.  He asks for very little...well sometimes he can be rather demanding...but usually it's affection but it's difficult to resist those eyes.  Because he gives us much in return.  

On days like today, Duffus Dawg teaches us that sometimes it's the little things that matter and that no amount of money can replace his love.

Today we had to take him to the vet.  Nearly $1000 later (eeeeekkk!) and he will be going in for day surgery on Friday.

I will keep you posted.  It's nothing serious, but it has to be done.

I will post the not-so-glamorous photos of Duffus Dawg a little later, so you can see his face which doesn't look so pretty at the moment.

Do you have a dog...a family pet that you adore and has changed your life?


Kerry XX

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