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Beverley Hills Chihuahua

Beverley Hills Chihuahua

Not-so-glamorous Duffus Dawg (the first image is flipped)

Not-so-glamorous Duffus Dawg (the first image is flipped)

The top pic is Duffus in his glory days as my husband calls him...'Beverley Hills Chihuahua'.  Miss Phil loves to dress him up.  He just sits there and looks nonplussed.

The bottom photos are of Duffus Dawg after a stressful morning at the vets yesterday.  He's not a very cooperative pooch when it comes to vets and we have to muzzle him to take an examination.

Duffus has what is called as Cherry Eye.  It's something to do with the eyelids and is a gland that bulges. Unfortunately it can only be fixed with surgery which is not inexpensive. Reading about it though has me worried, as information says that it can also occur in the other eye.

So on Friday he's off to day surgery to have the bulge pushed back in and here's hoping all goes well and we have no further complications.  The difficult part is applying the anti-biotic ointment to the eye 3-4 times a day.  I have to sneak up on him when he's sleepy and squirt the stuff in his eye and then rub his eyelids together to make sure it gets in. Also, every time he's outside he comes back with a face caked with dirt where he's tried to rub the ointment off.  I had to bath him last night because he was getting filthy, rolling around in the dirt.  The other alternative is buying him a muzzle, but even that can prove tricky, so I've also resorted to placing a bit on my thumb and pretending to rub his head and swiftly wiping the ointment over his eye. 

Oh the joys of owning a pet.  But we wouldn't have it any other way, and Miss Phil would definitely not be the same girl without him.  He really has changed everything around in our lives.  And for the better I might add.  

There are a lot more laughs and crazy chases in the yard these days.  And at night it's just not the same without Duffus Dawg and moments snuggling in on the couch, peppered with fast-running paws chasing down some cat or bird I suppose in some dream, as well as loud, contented snores when he's fast asleep. 

Kerry XX




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