A Father's Guiding Light

A father is neither an anchor to hold us back,

nor a sail to take us there,

but a guiding light

whose love shows us the way.


I thought it was time for Miss Ella to share some of the limelight, with none other than her big brother, Master James.  I'd taken quite a few photos of James and his father climbing.  And thanks to a timely reminder from James' mother, I went through those images again and realised why I had taken them and how much meaning was attached to those photos.

Sometimes I think that it's easy to capture a mother's love for her children and it's so evident - we as mothers express that love every day in numerous little ways.  But there is someone different about capturing a father's love for his son. 

There are not too many dads who have the skills and who make the time to show their sons how to rock climb or abseil.  And for James and his father it's their special time they spend together.  

What a silent joy it was to see father and son climb together and to see a father's patience. I can only imagine what type of man that James will grow to be with his own father's guiding light.

Thanks to Ashley and James for letting us share in their time together and letting me intrude upon their personal moments.  And what a privilege to capture such moments together and the bond between James and his father.    The picture of James' father giving him a kiss on the cheek, I must admit just makes my heart melt.  No words needed - these images are enough.

Kerry XX



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