A-DAY-IN-THE-LIFE OF THE KLOOTS FAMILY...Documentary Family Photography/Family Photography

"At the beach life is different...
Time doesn't move hour to hour but moment to moment...
We live by the currents,
Plan by the tides
and follow the sun."


Last week saw me complete my first 'DAY-IN-THE-LIFE Documentary Family Photography' session with the beautiful and energetic Kloots family.  I had an overnight stay with them last Friday night before I really started photographing and filming their entire day, from first thing Saturday morning til last thing Saturday night.  And what an amazing day it was!  I arrived home Saturday night, completely and utterly exhausted!  I wasn't much chop the next day either.

But you know...it was completely and utterly worth it and an amazing and truly enriching experience on my part.  I have never felt so privileged to be welcomed into a family's home and life and to be made to feel like part of the family.  It takes a great deal of trust and open and honest communication between myself and all family members for a DAY-IN-THE-LIFE session to work and to allow me to so authentically capture the essence of who and what a family is all about.  And that is exactly what the Kloots family did.  Their photographs show it!

At first there was a little uncertainty from the 'men' in the family, but as I tell all of my clients - regardless of how quiet or reserved males might be, everyone is human, and within a very short period of time, it never ceases to amaze me how people will soon forget you're even there and will go about being who they are without even noticing there is a camera in front of them.

So today I am only sharing such a miniscule amount of photos.  Don't ask me how many frames I actually shot.  But it would have to be in the vicinity of thousands.  I had only enough time for myself to grab a bite to eat or have a quick drink or cuppa when I had a chance.  Because literally, you just can't miss one moment...there are so many simple, but beautiful moments.

As you can tell, the Kloots family are a 'beachy' family.  Their lives and lifestyle revolves around spending time at the beach and in and around the water.  Sadly, Damon (father Kloots) wasn't as active as he normally is due to a knee injury, but the family managed to spend a very active day together and also enjoying the company of their 'beachy' friends.


Kerry xx

* P.S.  Sometimes the significance of many photos may be lost on those who may not know families well.  But they will mean something to the members of that family. 

**P.S.  To find out more about what the Kloots family receive as part of this package, you can go to my promo page on Documentary Family Photography.  I will be releasing my Documentary Photography packages in 2015.


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