"I Wish You Were Still Three!"

"How do you spell Love - piglet?....You don't spell it, you FEEL it"  

- Winnie the Pooh

Miss Phil...her first day back at school

Miss Phil...her first day back at school

"I wish you were still three"...that's what my husband always says to Miss Phil.  It's days like today, i.e. your children's first day back at school, that you look at your children and wonder where the time has gone.  

You think back to when they were small enough to fit in the crook of your arm and how helpless they were when they first came into the world.  I remember the first day we brought Miss Phil home.  As new parents it was all a little daunting.  It was scary thinking that we had complete responsibility caring for this little bundle of joy!  And then all-of-a-sudden they've shot up and you wonder where all the years have gone. You hope that they are growing nicely and will become the beautiful adults you dream of.

So this morning I quietly shed a little tear when I was going back through old photos.  I didn't have a great camera back then, but I literally took thousands!  The only problem is that they are still on an old computer tower and I haven't taken it to get access to those old photos (I must remember to do this!).  I had to pinch these photos below from my hubby who had them on his computer.

Miss Phil showing her dexterity at the young age of one

Miss Phil showing her dexterity at the young age of one

This morning we dropped our excited little girl off at school.  She's starting Year 3 this year and she seems to have come such a long way over the past few years.  School is a big adjustment and there are many challenges early on.  But our little Miss Phil is coming into her own and she seems to have matured over the holidays.

Sometimes you wish time would stand still, but alas, it cannot. The only thing you can do is really enjoy each moment, even the challenges.  And I'm fortunate that I've taken so many photos of Miss Phil to look back on and get all sentimental over.

How did your kids go today going back to school?  For those of you where today was your children's first day ever at school, how did you go?  If it's any consolation, they very quickly learn to let go and eventually do enjoy themselves and their new independence at school.  It's just us parents that seem to have more trouble letting go of our 'babies'.

Kerry XX


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