Capturing Your Children's 'FIRSTS' Moments

                                  Miss Phil on her first plane trip, with her little friend who helped her to be brave 

                                  Miss Phil on her first plane trip, with her little friend who helped her to be brave 

Do you remember the first time your children smiled?  What about their first word and what it was...was it daddy or mummy perhaps?  How about your children's first steps and their first day of school?

If you're like me and all proud parents, these moments you never forget.  These are the little things that you save and  reflect upon as your children grow, and you grow into your older years.  All those first moments become a lifetime of memories.

For my daughter, Miss Phil, going to Sydney created a lot of FIRSTS.

It was her first time to Sydney  and the Blue Mountains, seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and The Three Sisters.    Her first time on a plane.  Her first time eating in a Sushi Train restaurant.   Her first time outdoor rock climbing and abseiling with the most spectacular views in the Blue Mountains (though I don't think she really appreciated it)!

So like any proud parent, I like to share those FIRSTS.  And in sharing them with you I can look back on this post and it will help me remember these particular ones.  Being a photographer comes in handy when you want to capture them.  I wish I knew back then when Miss Phil was a baby, what I know now about photography.  Better late than never I suppose.  Though I managed to capture many great pics on my point-and-shoot back then.

Did you happen to capture your children's firsts on camera?  If so, feel free to send a photo of one of your child's FIRSTS to share.   And remember to include your first name, child's first name and age, and a little story behind it. :)


Ciao for now...

Kerry XX

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