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That's what little girls are made of...


Tomorrow we return to Brisbane.  I can't believe it's been a week already!  Our holiday has been just wonderful and staying with friends in the Blue Mountains has added so much more depth and experience to our holidays.  It's always nice to have a local show you around and tell you about and show you all the places off-the-beaten-track, rather than just the touristy spots.

While with our friends in Katoomba, we finally got to meet their young children.  My daughter who is 7 yrs old really enjoyed the company of other young children and it makes for an easier and much more pleasant experience for all of us, as the children all got on so well and played happily together.  Happy children means a happy holiday.   Though my daughter did drive their little boy a little mad with her incessant talking!  But that's what little girls

Of course, I couldn't resist taking photos of the children, and little Ella, who turned four yesterday was just too adorable.  I'd forgotten that stage of my daughter's life, and how lovely it is.  Girls are just so sweet, you just want to eat them all up and saddle them with hugs and kisses.   From their still cute and babyish talk to their beautiful big eyes, red lips and porcelain skin, and beautiful dresses - it was a lovely thing to be reminded of.

So here a some photos I took of Ella, and as I'm sure you'll agree, she is the epitomy of Sugar and Spice. I look forward to seeing Ella's photos hanging on our friend's wall and knowing that I've given something so meaningful to them and their families to treasure.

The thing is, you don't have to go to a lot of trouble to capture beautiful images of your children and family.  It's a matter of making a little time: an hour or so for a handful of professional candid shots of your children.  In the big scheme of things, is that really too much to ask of yourself and your family?  

And look what special moments you've captured.  And as your children grow and as they become adults, you'll look back fondly on these timeless images again and again, and thank yourself  for taking an hour out of your life for something that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Kerry XXX


Ella...aka Minnie Mouse

Ella...aka Minnie Mouse



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