Couples...Are You Making Time for Love?

When was the last time you had beautiful photos taken with your significant other?

If you're a parent or a busy working couple, then chances are you probably can't remember the last time you took time out for yourselves to create snapshots of you and your partner, husband or wife.  In the busyness of life, we often forget to make time to capture our evolving love.   Like anything that's truly important to us, in order to make it happen, we need to plan it ahead of time.

Katherine and Michael are a young couple in love, who decided that their love is worth capturing at moment in time of their lives.  A lovely couple who are besotted and it reflects in their photos. Being so young and active, Katherine and Michael were happy to take part in shots that required some agility and it was alot fun!

It wasn't difficult to capture their feelings for each other.  It was more the case of helping them feel comfortable showing their affection and how they genuinely feel about each other.  But after the first scene, they relaxed and just went with the flow.  Not only did we get all the cute shots that Katherine wanted, but also many other spontaneous, unplanned shots which are often ones that pleasantly surprise.

Thanks to Katherine and Michael for being so easy-going and upbeat, making this shoot a refreshing experience.  I'm very happy to know that they love their photos.  So here are a few of my favourite pics from Katherine and Michael's couple shoot... and you can see more of their beautiful images in the 'Couples' section of our Galleries page.

So why not make the resolution in 2014 and make time and plan to capture your love through beautiful images?  Plan a Couples Lifestyle Photography Shoot  NOW!

Don't delay!  It's easy...check out our Packages & Investment page, choose a package and then book your session.   Make 2014 about you, and then make a point to capture those special people and moments as they happen throughout your life.  When said and done, it's those moments you've captured on film that you will come to love and relive over and over.

Kerry XXX

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