The first lovely family

This is my very first post as Truth Seeker Images, and as my first family shoot. It was my pleasure to provide some lovely snaps for the Moyle Family.

Kelly and Jason have been married four years and had not had any photos taken since their marriage day, so were keen to get some updated photos.  Their marriage day was so hectic, they  didn't get any photos as a family and the only photos of their children were outdated, so were very keen to get some lovely family snaps and some recent shots of themselves.

The children were very co-operative, but we had to get the snaps we wanted before they became too distracted, as they were keen to check out the park and playground.  So our first scene was in a little nook tucked away where we were able to get most of the shots we wanted before venturing near the play equipment.

Something to bear in mind with children is that it's important to have snacks on hand, as children always get hungry and it can be very distracting for them and their parents. Keeping children happy, moving and giving them a break in-between scenes helps things flow and run more smoothly.  So something I learnt very quickly is that happy children = happy parents = happy photographer = beautiful photos. :)

Thank you Kelly and Jason for placing your trust and confidence in me and I am so happy that you love your photos!

Kerry  XX



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