Rules Not to Follow About Weddings, and a Romanian Wedding...[Gold Coast Wedding Photography]

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

"By all means break the rules and break them beautifully, deliberately and well.
That is one of the ends for which they exist."

~ Author Unknown

Last weekend saw me shooting a wedding for a gorgeous young Romanian couple, Raul and Melissa.  What was so beautiful about it was that the emphasis was on 'family'.  Not saying that other weddings are not. But if you know anything about Romanian families, family really is what is the most important thing, and what was stressed by Melissa and Raul for their day to really be special.

As one of the youngest of eight siblings, large families are not foreign to Melissa. The majority of guest numbers were made up mainly by her family.  With so many young families and children, this wedding was planned during the day and revolved around them and to ensure that children were made to feel just as welcome to share in the couple's special day as all the adults.

Now...about the Rules...

The other thing I discovered when doing a little research into Romanian weddings is that not only are they different from conventional Australian weddings, but even in Romania, depending on which part of the country you come from, the customs and traditions are different. Raul and Melissa's wedding not only broke the rules by conventional standards, but in true Romanian spirit, their own wedding was a little more unconventional.  

What was different about Raul and Melissa's wedding?

For one thing, the 'signing of the certificate' was completed at the start of the day,  after the first ceremony and processional at home in front of immediate family, according to Romanian custom.  But then, to satisfy Australian customs and laws, a second ceremony and processional was done in front of their entire family and friends before the reception, with both the ceremony and reception being held in one venue, at the Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast.  Also, Melissa and Raul did not have a bridal party.


But you know what my favourite thing was that was different?  Melissa and Raul wanted to have their couple photos 'after' the reception! What a revelation as a photographer. Because as every wedding photographer knows, the time that is always encroached upon (because things never run on time) is the 'couple and bridal party' photo shoot.


How's that for breaking the rules?  And it made perfect sense, because that way the couple could take a bit more time for family photos as well as spend more time mixing with family and friends, which was really, really important to them.  But best of all, it allowed Melissa and Raul to cruise into uninterrupted, flexible time leading into sunset, for their couple photos.  What a way to finish your wedding day!

"So who says you have to follow the rules?  It makes perfect sense to create a day that's built around what the most important parts to you are. Of course, still taking into account the legal requirements of marriage, why wouldn't you plan a day that allows for more spontaneity, and not have what convention or tradition say how it should be, but how you really want?"

However, in ending there is one thing about this wedding that was the same as every other wedding I've attended or had the privilege of photographing....they never, ever go according to plan! So future can at least take a little comfort in that knowledge.

Kerry :)

*P.S. Please enjoy a small selection of Melissa and Raul's sneak peaks. And please feel free to share this post if you know anyone who is yet to get hitched...Romanian or otherwise! :)