My No.1 Planning Tip for a Stress-Free Wedding!...{Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Gold Coast Wedding Photographer}


"What the world really needs is more love, and less paperwork."

~ Pearl Bailey

So have I told you that I love weddings!  I think the little girl in all of us dreams of fairy-tale weddings where everybody is happy and laughing and the bride floats along on air all day looking amazingly refreshed and beautiful all day long.  We have visions of grandeur of how it's supposed to be.

But the experience we often hear about can be the total opposite to a fairy-tale...lots of stress, frayed nerves, demanding family and a story of total and utter exhaustion by days end.

Let me tell you a secret....IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!

From my perspective as a photographer, you get a real insight into how a wedding day is going to pan out.  And it starts with the bride.  You know that saying, 'Happy mum, happy family'?  Well the same goes for a wedding...'Happy Bride = Happy Groom = Happy, Happy, Happy!'

So today I'll give you the most important tip, I believe, is going to be the difference between a magical day and not-so-magical day...

Mikko brought along some champagne on the walk along the boardwalk to chill a little before heading back to guests and mayhem.

Mikko brought along some champagne on the walk along the boardwalk to chill a little before heading back to guests and mayhem.



Firstly, I just want to say that it's important that you plan your wedding thoroughly.  Some brides like details, and others don't.  Just be prepared. But also understand that not everything will go 100% according to how you visual.  That's placing yourself under unnecessary pressure when in the end, the only person who is going to notice if things aren't perfect is you.

I would have to say that the biggest reason that brides, grooms and guests don't enjoy the wedding day as much as they really could, is because they try to fit in too much into such a short space of time.  

When planning or scheduling your wedding day itinerary, you need to understand that what times you write down on paper are just a plan, or an outline.  It all might look great on paper, but when it comes to the actual day, everything takes twice as long as what it looks like on paper. Why?  Because on the day you are not in control of what might happen.  There is no longer just you - there will be you plus all your guests, and all those people, like caterers, planners, photographers, etc who will bring along an element of 'uncontrollability'. 

Your guests when they arrive, expect to kick back and will probably want to chat and take their time getting from one place to another.  They have all the time in the world.  They are totally oblivious to all the 'behind-the-scenes' stuff that is going on, and unaware that there are things that need to take place on time.

And there are other factors to take into consideration, such as how long it takes to get from one location to another if the reception is in a different place or your bridal party or couple photos are in a different location to the ceremony or the reception.  You have to allow for traffic, distance and the unexpected. So give yourself ample time and allow for this.


So give everyone time to truly savour and enjoy the day. And most importantly...give yourself time to be in the moment...with your new life partner, family and with your friends. Give yourself the best chance of having the most splendid, beautiful, dreamy kind of day that you could ever imagine.

What a wonderful start it could be, to a BEAUTIFUL union and your married life's journey!

Kerry xox :)