Rosie & Mikko's Eclectic Love Shack Wedding...[Brisbane Wedding Photography]

Rosie & Mikko standing on the 2nd level of 'The Love Shack'

In December 2012, Mikko proposed to Rosie at The Love Shack in front of all their friends. In March 2014 they demolished the shack, bought a caravan and began building their house incorporating parts of the shack into their new home.  And the rest is history, as the saying goes.

On Saturday 14th May 2016, Mikko and Rosie married on the beautiful, wetland shores of Nudgee Beach, just a stone's throw from The Love Shack.  I had the privilege of documenting most of their big day, and what I loved about this particular wedding was Rosie and Mikko's relaxed approach to how they wanted their day captured. Their explicit instructions were to capture the spontaneity and interaction of those they loved so dearly.  To tell not only a little of their story, but how it has brought together two different families and enriched their lives in so many and deeper friendships and the joy of family and friends.

So today, here are but a handful of photos to appease the curious, crafted in a way that hopefully embodies a little of Rosie and Mikko's artful, eclectic and a little unconventional style.

Kerry :) xox