What Really Matters and Storing Them Up in Your Heart...{Brisbane Family Documentary Photography}

I just loved this, when Austin had a moment alone with his new little brother, Magnus.

I just loved this, when Austin had a moment alone with his new little brother, Magnus.

"In the time I have left I’m going to teach my children that what matters is where your heart is. It’s your relationships and your family. It’s making memories and having experiences. It’s about slowing down enough to notice the world around you. It’s about doing things that make you happy, like cooking a meal together or working on a scrapbook, or singing Disney songs in the car with your kids, or picking flowers for the kitchen table."

~ Liz

* excerpt from the blog post 'The Things That Really Matter', by Nicole Cody.  

The above is an excerpt from Nicole Cody's post this morning (click on the above link to read).  It's the words of Liz - a woman who is terminally ill and has about three to four months to live.  Every time I read these words, tears well up in my eyes.  As a mother and a wife, my heart is heavy thinking of the empty space she will leave behind and how her children and husband will miss her love and her hugs and kisses. For now though, they are leaving on a family holiday to spend one last time together in Hawaii, and to make these last months count.

These real-life stories give us perspective on as Liz says, "the things that really matter".  How often do we continue on in life doing what we think is right or what we feel obligated to do, and in our busyness to achieve, we miss all the little things?  We're so busy rushing around we forget to stop and really weigh up what is most important - is it the material stuff or the people stuff?

It brought home some decisions I made last year about what I know in my heart is best. Yesterday, something that unfolded reminded me of that decision and then today, reading Nicole's post, I know that my decision to spend more time at home, spending time doing what I'm passionate about and also to be present and available for these important years of growth for my 9 year old daughter and a husband who needs my support, only cemented that decision.

But why am I telling you this?

Because as a photographer, videographer and storyteller, I'm even more passionate about capturing all those things that really matter.  And whether what matters is captured as a family portrait, a fine art portrait, as a photo documentary of everyday, ordinary moments or on video, is not really important.

What's important, is to document the things that really matter to you,  in a way that reflects what is in your heart. And whether that is expressed as joy, sadness, frustration, happiness, and a whole kaleidoscope of emotions being experienced by yourself, your children, your pets, family and friends - all those moments are what make your life uniquely yours!

So if you haven't started documenting all those things that really matter, it's not too late.  Call me, and we can work together to start doing just that.  There are many options to suit your style and personality and I want to you to be able to look back and be able to remember those things.  

Have you ever considered having a video made, documenting a typical Saturday morning at home with all the family?  Or what about a whole day capturing all those special little things you do together from when you get up to when you fall into bed at night? Or what about special days at the beach or special places you love to go?  They can all be documented through photos in an album or up on your wall as a collage, telling the story of your very own family.  

And whether in photos on your wall, or in an album or albums or on video, wouldn't it be just so amazing to be able to sit down some time in the future and be able to open those albums, or look up at your wall, or sit down and watch a video, replaying what it was like to be in that moment in your life and in your family's life?

And if you know anyone who would like to document what really matters, please share this post or send them a link.  I'd love to help them out too.

Kerry xox

* P.S. Check out below some pics and video from some moments I captured of our family, celebrating the coming home of my new nephew, Magnus.  Enjoy!