Babies...Unexpected Blessings Amidst Life's Challenges...{Brisbane Family Documentary Photography}

Brisbane Family Photography

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."

~ Winnie-the-Pooh

My recent weekend was a very, very busy one.  Some things had been planned, but the remainder kind of happened all on its' own.  Yesterday we saw out the weekend with a baptism.  This time around, my husband and I were the God parents.  So little Magnus Arthur Warnholtz was baptised at St Columba's Catholic Church in Brisbane. Such a beautiful old church and place of reverence.

I don't know what it is about this year, but it's raining babies in my family! Babies, babies everywhere!

Now I'm not usually the clucky type, but I must admit that some of this baby magic has rubbed off on me.  Or maybe this is the start of the change-of-life that is tapping me on the shoulder.  Whatever it is, it's all feeling a little strange and overwhelming.  So many new beginnings are heralding in many endings.  

But among the magic of new life, there is also sadness.  Sadness at the fragility of life too.  You see, I have another little niece, Ruby who is six weeks old and she's fighting for her life.  Today she is having her first operation...heart bypass surgery.  It will be the first of at least three.

She's in good hands at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane.  But it's difficult to think that a little one has to fight so hard just to begin her life.  So my thoughts and prayers are with little Ruby today.

Brisbane Family Photography

Photo of Ruby in intenstive care, taken on my phone.

So with all these babies and children running around, I've been very reflective this year.  It happens more and more as you get older.  Realising that it's the little things that become the most important and that life is so fragile, that you have to gather all these moments up and pull them in tightly before they are gone.

And at Magnus' baptism yesterday, even though it was a little difficult taking photos as a God parent, I managed to take some shots anyway.  After the service, for a lot of the time I just sat there and watched on in between photos, and catching up with family and guests.  The adults were chatting, eating and catching up on lost moments while the kids were running around chasing each other and having fun as they inevitably do.

It was a lovely end to a busy weekend and I managed to get some quick pics of the other Warnholtz family all together with their new addition.  It's the first time the children have been able to sit still long enough to have their family photo taken.  Not perfect, but perfect enough.

Kerry :) xox


My nephew Austin made a special request for a couple of photos.  Highly unusual if you know Austin, who also happens to be the little guy who likes to ham it up.


Oh and these are my favourite of my niece Anastasia.  She's a wild and spirited little princess who has the mostly lovely, gentle and magical personality.