A Maternity Shoot and the Colour of Fire, Passion & Love!!...{Brisbane Maternity Photography/Gold Coast Maternity Photography/Brisbane Fine Art Portraits}

'Love's Embrace' - Fine Art Portrait 

"Dancing with the
Feet is one thing,
but dancing with the
Heart is another."

~ Anonymous


When Riana originally approached me to shoot her maternity photos, I was a little apprehensive.  Not because I didn't want to do this for her, but because I knew that I didn't want to create something that was seemingly like every other maternity photo.  Not that I dislike them...I don't.  Some of them are truly beautiful...soft and flowing...

...and the same.

But then Riana mentioned that she also wanted to do a couple shoot. Not only was baby due in February (child no. 4), but it was her 6th Wedding Anniversary in January and she wanted this photo shoot as an anniversary gift for both her and Piers.

My interest picked up a little. She then mentioned that she wanted to wear Red!  

Okay...it was getting a little more interesting.

Then she mentioned that Piers would also be wearing red and black suit and a bowler hat, and that they wanted to do some Tango moves - in particular, the 'dip'.

Now that got my attention, and she had me right there!


Riana and Piers have yet to see all their images.  Today they get a rare sneak peak before their viewing session next week.  They wanted different...they wanted creative...so Riana and Piers, that's what you will receive!

As is clearly evident, Riana and Piers' love is still strong, alive and passionate. Even with a baby due to arive on their doorstep next month. 

I loved the fact that they were bold enough to try something different.  And that it was something close to their hearts, as they seem to be drawn to the whole Tango scene...the fashion, the romance, and the passion of that genre...that era.

And I'm humbled and honoured to know that they trust my vision to be able to deliver that total experience.  Riana mentioned last week to me that they had such a great time doing the shoot, and I think her husband surprised her with his level of enthusiasm (as it did me). It's always the quiet ones that you have to watch. ;)

Thanks Piers and Riana for immersing yourself completely into the experience.  That's where the gold is!  I can't wait to show you the rest!

Kerry xox :)