Christmas ~ A Time to Explore Your Creativity... {Brisbane Fine Art Portraits/Gold Coast Fine Art Portraits}

Brisbane Fine Art Portraits
Gold Coast Fine Art Portraits

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

~ Henry Ward Beecher

You know what I look forward to at this time of the year?... Making and doing crafty things.  It makes my soul sing.  How about you?  

If you bake, decorate your home, scrap Christmas Cards, crochet, sew quilts or costumes, make jewellery, pottery or craft anything with your  hands - you are an artist!

For me, my thing is photography, but by the end of the year I long to put down the camera and use my hands and eyes together to write, to bake, to make stuff. I long to feel, to touch and linger over textures, colours and aromas.  Do you know what I'm hankering for at the moment? To get in and write some beautiful words with my traditional ink calligraphy pens. I've recently been gifted with some old style nibs that I want to try out.  And I'm just waiting on an order of  beautiful handcrafted writing paper and envelopes from Sydney...can't wait to receive them!

So why do we love to craft so much?  I've always wondered why we all choose a different way to express our creativity, and many of us women (and men) are drawn to craft.  I'm not really sure, but I believe it's because we all crave the need to return to something truly authentic.  We can create something that carries a little of who we are and give someone pure joy.  It's something that can appreciated because it's taken our time, care and much love and it's from the heart. It's the pleasure of giving and receiving joy and it becomes more meaningful and fulfilling.

And it's returning to a time or era when time was savoured and enjoyed.  There is no rushing about or striving.  We can immerse ourselves in the moment and feel like time is standing still.

So regardless of how crazy things get, I hope you get a chance to slow down and do something something that makes your heart sing and brings you and others, pure joy!

I'll just leave you with some photos below from friends and people I know who are either artists or just people with a penchant for craft things.  And if you'd like to try something, why not sign up for a workshop and start creating!

Kerry xox

* P.S.  Click on each photo to see which of my friends made the creation and you can go to their pages for more.