Clark & Lois - Legendary Love....{Brisbane Themed Portraits/Brisbane Couple Photography}

AKA Dylan & Rhianne

AKA Dylan & Rhianne

"Lois:  Because you're my greatest weakness and I'm afraid that I'll be yours."

 Clark: You're not my weakness.  You're my strength."

- from Smallville

In my teenage years, I grew up with Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder as the actors behind 'Clark and Lois' (if you want to see all the different actors behind the characters, click here

Their 'love story', for want of a better phrase, was one of unrequited love and what made me sit in my seat and want to watch the movie until the end was that nagging question in my head that just wouldn't go away..."Will Lois ever find out that Clark is Superman?"

And then there was that other question and mystery that just always confounded me ..."Can't she see that Clark IS Superman?"

Move forward twenty-something years later, and I haven't actually taken the time to keep up with all the changes to the Superman story line or to the relationships between the characters of Clark and Lois, until recently.  They finally get hitched. I suppose it was inevitable.

For me, it's a little bit of a shame, because that is something that made you keep coming back and watching...the possibility they would get together.  It was that underlying tension of the thought of them getting together, but the reality of it never actually happening.

So what does that have to do with Dylan and Rhianne?

I think that the relationship between Dylan and Rhianne is something of a metaphor of the relationship between Clark and Lois, but in the latter years.  Dylan chose Superman as his alter ego because the character reflects how he feels he has always been viewed from a purely external perspective (click here to see the post about why Dylan chose Superman as his theme).  But underneath lies someone who has so much more to offer.  And in the latter years of that change in the characters of Clark and Lois, Lois discovers just who Clark is - someone extraordinary.

Kerry xx